Jemima is a kitten just on the verge of adulthood, and hangs out with her best friends Etcetera, Electra, and Victoria. She seems to understand Grizabella moreso than the other cats, and wants to accept her back into the tribe throughout the entire show, and finally at the end she sings Memory with Grizabella and gives Grizabella the courage to stand up and pour her heart out, begging the other cats to welcome her back into the tribe, untill finally Victoria pulls away from the group and welcomes her back. Jemima is a very sweet innocent looking kitten. For anyone who's read my fics, please dont' get pissed at me for corrupting her, I needed to corrupt someone and she was the most obvious answer.....I didn't want to corrupt Etcetera *coughs and glares at starrla* like SOME people, and I haven't read nearly enough fics where Jem's corrupt, so I thought "she's the one" Really, I do like Jemima, so please stop sending me hate mail, and by the way: the car bomb did not go off. So nyah.