Did I hear someone say UPDATE?!?!?!?!?! No way...there couldn't be an update seven months after Starrla said goodbye to it all! Oh, but there is! Just a little thing mind you, sort of a hello and goodbye until I can get my hands around some motivation to change something else on my pages. Here we go, curtesy of theSpark:

Update! Oh my god an actual Update! Holy @#)O&%@#! Jack has been updated!!! Just this one sentence though, here is Starrla's (my) song...weee BITCH!

Look, I was tested; I'm not thaaat bad...

...and I don't know about this one, but so says The Spark...and you know The Spark...



"Tush Tush, Fear boys with bugs." -Petruchio Taming of the shrew

Welcome to Jack. Jack is the name I have become infatuated with, and I don't have the faintest idea why. It just rocks. I don't even think I know anyone named Jack *thinks* well, supposedly there's a Jack in Lord of the Flies which I will read in a few weeks for English, I can't wait! And then last year my wacko English teacher tried to convince us all that Jack was another name for Satan...er...that was...*cough* interesting... so all of that...really doesn't explain why I like the name Jack, I just do! Its so cool! I don't know why! Anyways, this is going to be my form of Dema's maniacal page, this is my JACK page! Maybe I'll actually make it worth reading sometime, but then again, maybe not. Thanks, come again, Starrla
By the way, the background color is fuchia, this happens to be a very cool color, and I hope to purchase a pair of fuchia colored vinyl pants in the near future...weeeeee! *lookes at Dema* "Boise here I come!" Hrmmm well the background isn't fuchia anymore because it was too hard to read, so now its royal blue, I wanted royal purple, but couldn't find it...soo...oh well.
Ummm... and as for my quote up at the top, that is from The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare. I don't particularly like that play, or that character, and actually that quote makes no sense to me, I just have it stuck in my head, so I put it up, say it out loud, it sounds kinda cool.
The text color is bright green. As I was looking through all the different colors, trying to make the life altering decision of which one to choose, I came a cross a mediumbluegreen...and this caused me to wonder what exactly was so special about a mediumbluegreen? could I order a largeredorange with that, and a smallsunyellow, and why don't you throw in some extra large fries to go and we'll call it good... anyways I'm rambling...carry on, carry on...
Dema's putting a "You know you're obsessed with CATS when..." on her maniacal page, so I felt left out...lookie here

You know you're as sick as me when...

The one MAIN way you can know if you're as sick as me, is if your answer to every problem you have with a person is

  • "Kill them or sleep with them!" (My direct quote)
  • There WILL be additions to this innocent lil list, so stay tuned!
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