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Welcome to Cats Fanfiction... Here, we have a small collection of fics by myself (dema), Starrla, Iolanthe, Genevieve, and Medianoche. They are all wonderful stories, so read them! If you have any fanfics you would like put up, email them to Dema at Danke!

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Here are the fanfics we have up right now

Originally Dema and Starrla's fics started out seperate, but then we started borrowing characters from each other, so they're more related to eachother for the recent ones, moreso than the first ones. For maximum understanding of why Dema got corrupted, read Starrla's fics first.

WARNING: Most of these fics are not kitten appropriate (mostly because of swearing and violence, but they get kinda risque as our corrupted minds get even more corrupted than they already are).

By Dema

  • Untitled Love Story by: Genevieve

  • Fanfics by Medianoche

  • A Human World
  • A Human World: Part 2
  • A Human World: Part 3