Dema Pics

PICCERS!!!!!!<-----Go have a lookie!
Starrla's Trip to Boise (Lets go scare some lil kids!)

Dema has finally got all her pics on one page! WHOO!! Eventually more will be put up, but you'll have to be content with lucky kittys you. Oh BTW: The description of the pictures are *under* the pics, because angelfire is stupid, and won't let me put the descriptions above it...and....Stupid Dema doesn't know how to make her piccers smaller *is veeery compy illit.* don't bug me about it! It wouldn't be very nice. And if you did bug me about it, I'd have to sic Kimba on you...
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Don't you just loooove this wallpaper??? It's soooo cute! Thanx Phillidia!