Demeter is a very skittish cat, and seems to be barely out of kittenhood. She acts very mature, but acts like she wants to join the younger kittens when they play. In the video she seems to be extremely close to Munkustrap, his mate perhaps, but in the London production, it seems like she's more into Alonzo (both are studs, so I dont object!) She is either best friends, or sisters with Bombalurina (I prefer to think they're sisters....look at the make up and wigs.....they're similar...sort of..) She was possibly abducted by Macavity (which explains why she is so skittish all the time) or just had an abusive relationship with him, and ran to Munkustrap (or Alonzo) to protect her. I dunno, I'm not TS Eliot, I wouldn't be able to tell you, these are just my musings on the cats and their personalities.