Complete and Utter Corruption

Agsded grinned evilly as he finally uncovered the mutilated body of Macavay, his soulless black eyes glinting cruelly in the moonlight. The body was in good enough condition, given the fact that there was a gaping hole in it’s throat. The Necromancer tom got a good grip on Macavay’s tail, and proceeded to pull it to his laboratory.

Mjaum was deep in conversation with his mate Electra, when he heard a noise just outside their box. "Excuse me, my love. I’ll go see what that is." He said softly. Electra nuzzled him briefly and let him leave, smiling fondly after him.

Mjaum was looking around when he saw a pair of familiar violet eyes. "StarrlaRai! What brings you out here?" Starrla looked at Mjaum, and crept towards him silently. "Dun’t say mah name!" She hissed quietly. Mjaum blinked. "All right then….umm….are you in any sort of trouble?" Starrla laughed cockily. "’Ell Oi should thin’ so! Oi jus’ killed one of th’ more influent’al toms in th’ pack o’ strays, an’ Oi need a place ta hide out fer a bit. Could I per’aps live wit’ ya fer a while?" Mjaum frowned disapprovingly. "Starrla, killing a cat isn’t such a good thing to do…..who was it?" Starrla grinned cruelly at the memory of dealing death’s hand. "Macavay" she hissed quietly. Mjaum was silent for a moment, then nodded at her. "I trust he deserved it?" Starrla nodded "Oh yes…E’s been deservin’ it fer a while…." Mjaum took in the dried blood still stuck to her fur, and the gashes on her chest that marred the beautiful black and gold fur that she sported, and growled under his breath. "Well then… can live with me if Lec doesn’t have a problem with it….if she does, I’ll help you find a place." Starrla smiled slightly "Thanks Mjaum." Mjaum smiled. "It’s the least I can do… left me in the perfect place at the perfect time, and I found my life mate. I owe you everything…." Starrla shook her head and followed him inside the box.

Electra took in the sight of her tom with a stunning gold and black queen, who had apparently seen better times, with only a little surprise. "Well…..are you going to introduce me to your friend, my dear?" Mjaum blushed slightly at the ironic tone in Lec’s voice and cleared his throat. "Lec, this is Starrla, she is the one who helped me escape from Selerity and Macavay." Electra’s sardonic smile faded into a more sincere one, and she stood up and took Starrla’s paw in her own. "I’m very glad to meet you…..We owe you so much for getting him out of there." Starrla coughed and looked at the floor. "T’was nuthin’. Oi jus’ dun loike seein’ cats get punished fer sommat that ain’t their fault." Electra nodded and took Mjaum’s paw in her own, and invited them all to sit down.

Demalurina looked around the alleyway worriedly.

:Where is he? He was supposed to be here hours ago!! Oh Heaviside…maybe something happened to him….maybe someone found out about us….:

Dema let her thoughts go on like that for another hour or so, until she gave herself a firm mental slap. :Enough of that…..I’m sure he’s fine….he can take care of himself.: She looked at the moon, and sighed. It was time to go back, or else she would be missed. "Goodnight Jonny…wherever you are." Dema plodded back to the fortress….her heart heavy.

"Dammit Jonny! Don’t give me any of this shit about Dema being alive!" Jonny glared right back at the Rum Tum Tugger. "But she IS! Dammit! Why won’t you listen to me?" The Tugger snarled. "Because you’re a liar! You’re just trying to hurt me! I know it!" Jonny put his paw on the Tugger’s shoulder. "No! I would never try to hurt you! Your friendship means so much to me! I just want you to see that Dema’s alive!" The Tugger angrily knocked Jonny’s paw away. "And what good will it do me if she is? Huh? Will she be able to bring Double back? Will she make the hurting stop? NO! She’ll make it worse! Every time I see her, I’ll remember! And I DON’T want to remember! I just want you all to leave me alone with my queen." Jonny didn’t know how to respond to that, or to the tears that threatened to spill over down the Tugger’s face, so he just walked away.

Bombalurina whimpered slightly as the pain increased. Plato held her paw gently in his own. "It’ll be all right dear….just keep pushing….you’re doing wonderful." Bombalurina clenched her teeth and gave a final push. She fell back onto the pillow, panting slightly as Tantomile picked up Bomba’s newest kitten and handed him to her. Plato grinned "Finally a tom!" Bombalurina stuck her tongue out at Plato. "I’m very proud of ‘Tala, thank you very much…and…and Dema too." Plato hugged her gently. "It’ll be all right dearest….don’t you worry." Bombalurina nodded and put the new kitten down to nurse. "What shall you name your son, Plato dearest?" Plato looked at his newest child, pride shining all over his face. "Well…..let’s call him….Zarquen." Bombalurina blinked. " ‘quiet warrior’? Why that?" Plato frowned. "I don’t know….but it fits him, no?" Bombalurina nodded. "It does fit him." The tiny kitten was orange and black and white, with bits of gray…..actually he looked a bit like Mungo, but since Plato and Mungo were brothers there was no surprise that the bolder family colors would come out eventually. Bombalurina smiled down at Zarquen. "My quiet warrior, perhaps you will find her…"


Agsded let a cruel smile spread across his face, exposing fangs that were coated with old blood, Macavay’s body was now in perfect condition, actually Agsded had improved on it….in a few certain ways that would prove very pleasurable. Now came the easy part….summoning the soul of Macavay, and coaxing it back into his body. After months in the fireside layer, Agsded was positive that Macavay would want to come back, and get revenge.

Finally when the moon was at it’s highest peak of the night, Agsded started the ritual….first he called the darkest thunderclouds to come and cover the moon…..who’s pure light would ruin everything. He let the torrential rain pour down, thunder crashing every few seconds. Then he grabbed a tiny kitten from a cage in the corner of the room. The kitten was blind and deaf, and was mewling piteously. Agsded had taken the young kitten from its home when the mother was out hunting. He unsheathed his claws and neatly sliced the kitten’s head off, and licked up the blood that spilled down his paw. Next he took the headless body, and dripped blood all over Macavay’s body, and then finally into his mouth. He then invoked the dark powers that he had been born with…..his black eyes seemed to swallow up any light that dared interfere, the dark pools of nothingness….those windows to his soulless body.

He could feel the malignant presence of Macavay and smiled evilly, and called Macavay to his body.….blood dripping down his chin. He sensed Macavay’s spirit examine his body, before settling into it…..a feeling of pleasure at the certain changes that had been made.

Agsded bent over the body, and kissed Macavay, tasting the blood of the kitten that was everywhere. Macavay opened his eyes slowly, and looked up at the evilness that had resurrected him. He smiled cruelly…..a smile not unlike the one that was on Agsded’s face, and sat up slowly, feeling EVERY part of his body awaken…..Agsded pushed Macavay back down, and got on top of him, letting him know, EXACTLY who was master.

Zarquen grinned impishly as he heard his mother calling his name, and slipped behind the tire. "Come an’ get me!" He called out, nearly bursting with giggles. He ducked low enough that he could peek out from behind and not be seen. He nearly lost himself to laughter as his mother came closer, and he saw the exasperated, yet wry look on her face…..he waited silently…the tip of his tail twitching ever so slightly. Once she had gotten close enough he wriggled slightly and LEAPT towards his mother’s head. Bombalurina screeched at the ball of fur that came flying towards her.

Zarquen looked down at his mother, from his perch high atop her head. "I got ya." He said quietly, but with satisfaction. Bomba sighed and grinned ever so slightly. "You sure did…now come on….time for dinner." Zar jumped off of her head and trotted alongside her. "Yes mum."

Aerotiger looked askance at Kiahna, who had not been herself lately. "Wot’s th’ mattah Kiah?" He said worriedly. Kiahna sighed too deeply for one so young. "It’s Jonny…he…" Aero got a fierce look on his face. "Did ‘E ‘urt ya in an’ way? Coz if ‘E did, Oi’ll ‘ave ‘im strung up by ‘is tail." Kiah shook her head "No…..he didn’t hurt me…well….not intentionally I don’t think….he….he hasn’t showed up for our meetings for the past two months….and I’ve not heard anything from him. I’m worried about him Aero…" Aerotiger frowned and scratched his head. "’Ell….I dun know wot ta tell ya….but Oi’m sure ‘at ‘E woulda been ‘ere if ‘e coulda’." Kiahna sighed again "I know that…which is why I’m worried." Aero looked upon his sister’s protégé with pity, and hugged her tightly. "Dun worry ‘on …..’E’ll come as soon as ‘E c’n."

Meanwhile, Jonny was staring out the window of his new home, wailing piteously. His human, a young man named Allen came over to him, and picked him up. "What’s the matter ol’ boy? Miss your friends?" Jonny replied with a resounding "ROWT!" Allen blinked. "Well….I suppose that I’ll take that as a yes." Jonny nodded gravely and pushed his nose underneath Allen’s hand, in a impervious demand to be petted.

Allen tickled Jonny behind the ears, and looked out the window. "Yeah….I know how you feel….I miss Jake." Jake was Allen’s old boyfriend, before he had been forced to move, because of job circumstances. "Before you know it, we’ll be back in London, and I’ll be on ‘Cats’. I’ll be the best Skimbleshanks the New London Theatre has ever seen!"

Jonny didn’t doubt that at all, but was hungry and wanted his dinner. "rrrrowt." Allen smiled down at Jonny. "I’m glad you believe in me." Jonny grinned to himself, and let Allen think that, that was encouragement. Jonny took his accustomed position on Allen’s shoulders, and pointed his head towards the kitchen.

Zarquen snuck away from his mother, after he had finished eating dinner, and was exploring the many nooks and crannies of the ‘yard. He soon ran into a mischievous looking young kitten, who had become his friend, and was only slightly older than him. "Rumpleterra!" He called out happily. Terra looked up at him and put a paw up to her mouth. "Hush! Now eithah leave, or come listen wit’ meh!" Zarquen frowned "You’re eavesdropping?" Rumpleterra shook her head "nahh…just list’nen to sommat." Zarquen grinned "I think it’s the same thing." Terra shrugged, and put her ear back to the wall of the box, and motioned Zar to do the same.

Zarquen came up next to her, and put his ear against the box too…he looked at her as they listened to the conversation that went on inside the box……. "’Ell….I dun know wot I’mma do, Oi left poor Kiah t’ere all by ‘erself…..well….Aero’s wit ‘er….but….I dun think ‘at they cn’ stand against Selerity….’less Daryn ‘elps em….now Daryn’s a good fighter…" They both blinked as they heard a deep, familiar voice reply to the one with the cockney accent. "That’s besides the point… can we get Dema…er…Kiah back in, to see her family without Selerity finding out?" Zarquen frowned

:Dema? Do they mean my sis? The one that went missing a while ago?:

"Aw that’ll be easy….we jus’ gotta get someone ta distract Selerity, woile Dema’s ‘avin words wit’ ‘er mum." There was a pause. Terra bit her lip, and looked over at Zar, and whispered "We gotta tell me mum!" Zarquen nodded, and followed her as she got distracted and attacked a nearby grashopper.

Later that night, when it was darker, Starrla exited Jaum’s box, so she could go back to give Kiah the message about when she was to meet her mother. She slunk down the alleyway, when she heard the slither of a tail dragging on the ground. She whirled around, only to find herself face to face with the past. Macavay grinned cruelly and darted a paw around Starrla’s waist. "Well well my dear, you look quite surprised to see me here….hrmm….maybe that’s because you killed me." Starrla hissed in horror, and utter fear. "NO! You’re dead! I ripped your throat out myself! I saw you fall to the floor, and knew when you had taken your last breath!" Macavay made a pouting face "Oh….well then….since I’m dead, I suppose that you’re just imagining me." Macavay smiled sadistically. "And if you’re just imagining me, then you can’t hurt me….but I can hurt you…..I’ll hurt you like I should have hurt you when you didn’t keep Jack busy, like I told you to." Starrla attempted to wriggle away from Macavay’s grasp, but only managed to get his claws sunk into her back.

"Tsk tsk, come now baby, you aren’t that eager to get away from me, are you? After all, I have been in the Fireside Layer for the past few months….don’t you think I deserve a treat for managing to get out?" Starrla snarled at him. "You go to hell!" Macavay smiled sardonically. "Haven’t you been listening my dear? I was just there…I’ve no plans to return there anytime soon." Quick as a snake, he sank his fangs into the base of her neck. Starrla cried out in pain, and writhed in his grasp. Macavay smiled evilly, pure evil glinting in his eyes. He licked up the blood that was trailing down her chest, and brought his paws up, and pressed his claws in at the base of her jaw, and watched with satisfaction as the blood dripped down her throat. Starrla moaned softly, about to faint from loss of blood. He pouted a bit, and licked up the blood that was still running down her throat, then threw her at the cat of darkness that had been watching from the shadows.

Agsded caught Starrla easily, and healed the wounds that Macavay had inflicted, and scowled. "Be more careful next time….Then you’ll be able to have more fun with her." Macavay shrugged and replied arrogantly "You get sexual pleasure, and blood power from watching us, why should I do that for you?"

Agsded glared at Macavay with his soulless eyes, and Macavay clutched at his throat, gasping for air. "Because I brought you into this world, and I can take you out." Macavay fell to the ground, coughing and gasping. Agsded threw Starrla into a heap next to the alley’s wall, and teleported himself and Macavay out, let Starrla think what she would when she got home.

Kiahna looked up when she heard a light tap on the side of the box. She had barely enough time to realize what was going on when Starrla slipped inside, a scared, and horrified look on her face, a look that Kiah had never seen on Starrla’s face before. "Starrla! What happened? Why are you back here?" Kiah hissed quietly. Starrla’s lip trembled "He’s dead….but… was him….and he…he…" Starrla started sobbing, and Kiah ran over to her, and hugged her tightly. "What happened hon? Who’s dead?" Starrla sniffled "M-Macavay….I killed him….but I saw him last night….he….scratched me, and he…" Kiah gave her friend a quick glance all over and could see no new injuries. "Starr….it must have been a dream…..there isn’t a mark on you, except for the old ones…you were just having a nightmare."

Starrla put a paw to her throat "No! He bit me there, and put his teeth there…." She said, pointing out the different spots. Kiahna frowned. "Starrla…there’s nothing there….you’ve not been injured….you’re fine." Starrla felt for the teeth marks, and the claw marks, but could feel nothing. "But….he was there…I saw him…" Kiahna hugged Starrla again. "He’s not here…it was just a horrible nightmare…" Starrla frowned slightly. "But…well….I suppose you’re right…but it was so real!"

Kiah nodded sympathetically. "I know….I know how they can feel real…" Kiah thought back to the dream she had had the other night, about Jonny….holding her in his strong, welcoming, arms…. Kiahna shook herself back to reality "But the point is- It wasn’t real….he’s dead dearie…he can’t hurt you now." Starrla nodded "Thank you…" Dema looked around for Aero, but when she looked back to Starrla she was gone.

The next morning Rumpleterra and Zarquen ran to Terra’s house, in Victoria Grove where she stayed with her mum and her humans. "Mum! Mum!" Terra hollered. Rumpelteazer came out, and looked at her daughter and her friend. "Wot’s th’ mattah yew two? Wot’s all th’ ‘ollerin’ ‘bout?" Terra ran up to her mum and hugged her tightly. "Mum….someone woz talkin’ ta Jaummers, an’ they woz talkin’ ‘bout someone named Kiah an’ Dema an’ someone else…name woz loike…Soraty? Salrety?" Terra looked over to Zar for some assistance. Zarquen looked up at ‘Teazer, and said quietly "Selerity….." Terra nodded "’At’s th’ one, an’ then they woz sayin sommat ‘bout gettin’ Dema ta see ‘er mum, and someone distractin’ Sssss…whatevah ‘er name woz."

Rumpelteazer gulped and herded the two kittens inside. "Insoide, th’ both of ya, Oi wanna talk ta Jerrie bout this." Rumpelteazer sought out her mate, while the kittens played in the living room.

Starrla sighed to herself as she resumed walking down the road.

:I suppose that Kiah was right…it was probably just a dream….just a horrible, horrible dream.:

Unfortunately it was not….and she knew that it was not, when a familiar face stepped into her path and cackled maniacally.

Starrla screamed and tried to run away, but found her way blocked by a pure black cat, with dull black eyes that seemed to suck in all light, eyes that were evidence of a lack of soul. Starrla screamed again, and turned around again, only to see that Macavay had come closer.

"My dear, dear, darling Starrla… nice of you to show up just where I wanted you." Starrla gulped and tried to back up a bit, but was horrified of the thought of even touching the soulless cat. Macavay grinned an evil grin, one that Starrla knew too well. Quicker than she could imagine, Macavay wrapped his arms around her waist, and kissed her firmly. Starrla could do nothing but sob silently as he began to take her once again….as he had so many times before.

Deep down inside, Starrla knew that she enjoyed it, she enjoyed his strong, skilled body, and she hated herself for it. She knew she would always be his wench. When the time of ecstasy came, she cried out, not with pain, and not with pleasure, but most certainly a mixture of both, and Macavay smiled, and knew that he had her.

To be continued……..