Demalurina’s Tale: Part 5

Selerity growled irritably as she stalked around her chambers.

:Where in the Fireside Lair is the little shit? He was supposed to be here HOURS ago!!!:

Selerity growled again, and slashed at a nearby guard, who simply submitted to the beating. "That’s it! Someone go to his chambers and see if that pollicle dung is with another whore! I swear by all that’s unholy, if he’s with another one of his queens, I’ll rip the little bugger’s throat out!!" The guard nearest the door, dashed out, unwilling to be a subject of Selerity’s brutality.

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As the guard, a young tom by the name of Darynthallis, entered Macavay’s chambers, he nearly lost his lunch, the stench of blood was imbued into the air, along with sweat, and other things that he dared not identify. He stared, horrified at the bloody mess all over the place….he knew that Macavay liked his sex to be brutal, but he had never killed one of his whores. As he ventured further into the room, he stumbled over something that was covered by blood soaked silken sheets. Daringly, he pulled the sheet away, expecting to see the remains of a battered queen, but instead, he was shocked to find the mutilated carcass of Macavay himself.

:Damn bastard….who woulda thought that he’d get killed in his own chambers? I wonder who did it…..whoever it was had a hella lotta guts, and some damn good alibi.:

As he stared at Macavay’s carcass, a slow smile spread over his face, revealing his sharp teeth.

: I’ll be dammed if I don’t know that particular scratch pattern …..damn…I never thought she’d have the guts to kill him….lucky girl….Wonder when she’s gonna bring Selerity down too…:

Darynthallis put on a straight face, and ran out of the chambers back to Selerity’s.

"Selerity! Ma’am, I’m sorry to interrupt you…." Selerity scowled at Daryn. "What’s your excuse, worm?" Daryn fidgeted slightly. "It’s about Macavay ma’am ….he’s…well…. he’s dead." Selerity’s scowl faded, and her face turned to a mask of neutrality. "Where, When, and How?" Daryn gulped. "In his chambers, Sometime within the last twenty four hours, His throat had been ripped out." Selerity nodded gravely. "Well then…I’ll just have to find a new second in command." Daryn bowed politely and exited the room silently.

Kiahna jumped up as Selerity entered the box in which she and Aero and Starrla lived. "Selerity, ma’am." She said respectfully. Selerity growled at her. "Where is Starrla?". Kiahna gulped, praying to the Heaviside Lair that Selerity didn’t know that Starrla was the one that had murdered Macavay. "Um…I don’t know ma’am, she left this morning to go hunting." Selerity sneered. "Well then…her loss isn’t it?" Kiahna said nothing.

Selerity looked Kiahna over, speculatively, "Kiahna, how long have you worked for me?" Kiahna blinked, confused at the question, but let none of her confusion show on her face. "About two months ma’am." Selerity nodded. "Yes well…apparently Macavay is dead, and I am in need of a second in command, you will fill the position." Kiahna would’ve gaped, had she not remembered everything that Starrla had taught her

*** "Don’t ever let them see any emotion but hate, anger and disdain, anything else shows weakness…and trust me… aren’t allowed to be weak here."***

Kiahna nodded curtly. "Yes ma’am, when do I report to you?" Selerity flicked her tail. "Why, now….your first assignment is to find Macavay’s murderer and kill them." Kiahna bit her tongue, and nodded once more. "As you wish ma’am." Selerity nodded again, and exited.

Aero put a paw around Kiahna’s shoulders, as she sobbed silently. "Dun worry ‘on, we’ll find a way ‘round t’is, Oi’m pos’tive." Kiahna shook her head. "But I’ll have to kill an innocent cat! I won’t be able to kill someone who’s done nothing wrong!" Aero shook Kiah by the shoulders. "Dearie, yew’ve got ta find someone, else our chance ta get at Selerity will be gone!" Kiahna blinked away her tears, and looked up sharply at a light knock at the entrance. "W-who is it?" She called out shakily. The voice of a young tom called back softly. "Tis Darynthallis, I need to talk to Aerotiger." Kiahna looked over at Aero, frowning slightly at the grin that had spread across his face. "wh…?" Aero shook his head and went to the door."

"Daryn, get y’ass in ‘ere b’fore someone sees ya! Ya bloomin’ idgit!" A small firepoint Siamese tom entered the room, his bright blue eyes taking in everything. "Aero….you know who it was….Who’s gonna pluck the biggest fish from the pond now that the fisherman’s gone?" Aero grinned and jerked his head in the direction of Kiahna. "’Ats the one….Starrla picked ‘er out ‘erself." Daryn looked Kiahna over and grinned. "Why Kiah, if I may call you that, your reputation precedes you."

Kiahna looked over at Aero, wondering if this tom was safe. Aero nodded curtly and she looked back at Darynthallis, "You flatter me, but flattery will get you nowhere." Daryn threw his head back and laughed. "Oh Ho! So she was trained by the Princess of Blood! It shows, it shows." He looked back at Kiahna. "On the contrary my dear, flattery will get you everywhere." Kiahna grinned, Starrla had told her about this one, he was a nice tom, and hated Selerity more than anything, it was sheer luck that he had gotten within her ranks in the first place, much less a place in her personal guard. Kiahna held out her paw. "Good to meet you Daryn….Has Starrla told you about me?"

Daryn shook her paw and grinned. "All she would tell me is that she found help in the most shocking place, and she’d be dammed if you turned on us." Kiahna frowned slightly. "Us? You mean…." Daryn nodded, and lowered his voice to almost a whisper. "The Revolution…..over half of us are in on it…..but there might be a squeaker in the lot, and we need to find that loose tongue and cut it out." Kiahna nodded, and listened to what Daryn had to tell her about the lot of them..

Jonnyonnydots sighed and exited the junkyard, completely bored. He heard a high pitched giggle, and rolled his eyes. Apparently the Rum Tum Tugger was entertaining his queen Etcetera. Jonny snickered as he saw the Tugger flex first one arm, then the other, while Etcetera watched in awe and delight. "Heya Tug…." The Tugger looked over at him. "Heya JJ! How’s it goin?" Jonny shrugged. "Neh, I’m all right I guess…" The Tugger frowned mockingly. "What’s the matter? Cant get a queen to play with you?" Jonnyonnydots scowled. "No that’s not it….but you are right to a certain degree….it is about a queen." The Tugger laughed and slapped him on the back. "Well if she’s not attracted to you, maybe it’s coz you’re so lanky! Put some meat on those bones boy!" Jonny shook his head. "No….I think she’s attracted to me….except…I met her once, and now I cant find her….and you wanna know the weird thing?" The Tugger looked mystified… "What…?"

Jonny took the Tugger off to a more private area, where Etcetera couldn’t hear them. "The thing is….I think it’s Demalurina." The Tugger squeezed his eyes shut, and put a paw to his forehead. "Jonny….it can’t be Dema, she’s most likely dead, just….just like Double." Jonnyonnydots shook his head fervently. "No! It had to have been her….. I found out about Macavity being her father…and the queen I saw….she had Macavity’s facial features…..and the next night I had a dream about her, but her fur turned from blackish red to markings like someone mixed up Bomba and Deme." The Tugger stared at him. "You’ve never seen her before….how would you know what she looks like?" Jonny sighed impatiently. "I TOLD you! I met her! It was her!" The Tugger’s face contorted into an angry scowl. "IT WASN’T HER JONNY!! WHOEVER TOLD YOU ABOUT HER MUST BE IN A DREAM WORLD, BECAUSE SHE’S DEAD!!! Dead…..just like Double…" The Tugger sank to the ground. "Heaviside Jonny…why did you have to bring her up?….whenever I think of her, I think of Double….and you know what’s the worst part about that? I was the one who found his carcass, so that’s the only thing I can remember about him anymore….I can’t remember what he looked like when he was smiling, or what his voice sounded like…..all I remember is the horrified look, frozen on his face, and his intestines spilling all over the ground, lying in a pool of his own blood. I had to wash him up and bring him back to the junkyard so we could give him a proper burial….do you know how much that hurt? And…..Heaviside…when I had to tell my sister….Triana….what exactly had happened to her son…..Everlasting Cat….she was devastated…." The Tugger broke off, a small strangled sob coming from him. "So you see… couldn’t have been Dema….because Demalurina’s dead, it was probably another one of Macavity’s bastards, but not Dema. I’ll tell you this now….don’t get involved with a daughter of Macavity….she’ll only bring you pain."

Jonnyonnydots shook his head "No….Dema’s alive…and I love her, I’ll prove it to you all….and she would never hurt me…I know she wouldn’t." The Tugger looked like he was going to yell at him again, so Jonny retreated quickly, running to the alleyway where he had met the queen he believed could have been Dema….his only sanctuary….he was so intent on running that he didn’t notice the dirty look that Etcetera gave him, nor did he notice when she ran over to the Tugger, and hugged him tightly, knowing that he was remembering, and couldn’t stop remembering.

Jonny sat in the alleyway, trying to forget the Tugger’s words. "No….Dema won’t bring me pain….she never could….could she? Oh Dema….If only I knew where you were!" Jonny looked up at the sky, and in a sudden impulse screamed up into the night sky. "DEMALURINA!!! DEMALURINAAAAAAA!!!!!!"

Kiahna looked up, not knowing why…..Aero and Daryn, who had been quietly conversing about what to do about Kiah’s predicament, looked over at her, a hint of worry on both their faces. Kiahna looked at them… "I…I have to go outside for a moment." She ran outside, leaving the two toms thoroughly confused. Both of them waited a moment, then slipped out, intent on following her.

Kiahna ran through the streets, taking shortcuts she never knew existed, as she neared a street that she knew very well, the pull increased, and she ran faster than she knew she ever could.!!!!!!"

Aero and Daryn ran after Kiahna, barely able to keep track of which way she was going…

Kiahna slowed as she reached the street that she knew….but the pull just got stronger, till it made her stomach hurt. She staggered into the street, gasping for air, and clutching her belly…but when she looked up, the pain stopped. She looked at Jonny once, and passed out.

Jonny ran to Kiahna’s side, and caught her before she hit the ground. He gently set her on the pavement, and ran the back of his paw down the side of her face. "You’re mine, love….now and forever…"

Kiahna awoke to see Jonny leaning over her, worriedly. "Are you all right?" he asked softly. Kiahna nodded and reached up and put a paw around his neck. Jonny sat up slowly, till Kiah was in a sitting position, and could lean against him comfortably.

Jonny put his paw around Kiahna’s shoulders and scooted both of them back a bit, so they could lean against the wall. "What’s your name?" Kiahna looked up at him… was him…and she couldn’t lie to him…not for anything. "M-my name is….Demalurina"

Aero and Daryn had barely caught up with her, when they heard voices coming from the alleyway ahead of them. The crept onward, silently, not wanting to betray their presence. As they peeked around the corner they saw Kiahna sitting down, leaning against a strange tom. Aero and Daryn looked at each other, and knew what the other was thinking…..they *fit* . It was almost like they were two pieces of a puzzle, they were that perfectly matched. They looked back at Kiahna, who had a calm expression on her face, which was in no way, reminiscent of the strained look that had been on her face when she ran out of the box. They both almost jumped out of their skins when they heard what she had to say. "M-my name is Demalurina" Both of them were shocked, all the way through….Starrla had gotten the daughter of Macavity and Bombalurina to head the revolution!!

Jonnyonnydots smiled tenderly. "I knew you weren’t dead…" Dema looked up at him in shock. "They think I’m dead?" Jonny nodded. "They all miss you so much….your mother especially…..why don’t you come back with me?" Dema winced "I wish I could! Oh I wish to the Everlasting Cat that I could…..but….I cant….I have an obligation that needs to be filled." Jonny nodded. "Yes… do don’t you?" Dema looked up at him. "The dream….." Jonny nodded again. "Was absolutely real." Dema reached up and put her paw on the side of Jonny’s face, and looked into his eyes. "Everything?" Jonnyonnydots smiled. "Everything….even this…" Jonny leaned down and kissed her softly. Dema leaned into the kiss, sending shivers all through her body. They broke off eventually, and both were content to just be with each other. Dema sat as close to Jonny as she could, and he held her close, nuzzling her softly. Never wanting to let go.

Their reverie was interrupted by Aerotiger, who decided to take a chance. He crept out of hiding, with Darynthallis close at his heels. Dema looked up and hissed. She jumped to her feet and raised a paw to strike at them, furious that they had followed her, and dared interrupt her while she was with the one she loved.

As her claws glinted in the moonlight she felt a soft pressure on her shoulders, and felt Jonny’s whiskers on the back of her neck. "Don’t…..Dema….just see what they have to say…" She growled slightly, but lowered her arm.

Daryn was absolutely terrified of this new tom….he was a good head taller than Kiahna, and the dark red of his fur made him look like he had recently bathed in blood. The picture of the two of them was astounding, a furious black queen, and a calm blood red tom. They contrasted, but also melded together, the red highlights in Kiahna’s fur blended in with the red of the tom’s fur….who’s black spots complimented the black of Kiahna’s fur. They were a picture of horrifying beauty.

((Warning: Dema/Kiahna mix up in this next paragraph…called Dema in one sentence and Kiahna the next…just try to follow it.))

Demalurina/Kiahna stepped forward a bit. "Why did you two follow me?" She growled lowly at the two of them. Aero came closer and put a paw on her shoulder, which she shrugged off angrily. "Kiah….we didn’t know if you’d be all right, we followed you because we knew that something was wrong." Kiahna shook her head "I don’t know if I should forgive you for interrupting us…."

Jonny put his arms around Dema’s waist and hugged her. "Don’t worry about it hon….we’ve still got time together before you have to leave, right?" Dema looked up and smiled tenderly. "Yes…we do.." She turned her attention back to Aero and Daryn "As for the two of you…..if anyone asks, I’m….hunting…..or something like that.. okay?" The two toms nodded. Kiahna smiled. "Good….now… since you know that I’m all right, I believe that you two have some more pressing matters to attend to…" Daryn looked up confusedly "But we don-" Aero clapped a paw over Daryn’s mouth. "Sure Kiah….I mean….Dema…" Dema looked at Aero sharply. "Don’t call me that…..ever….you say it once, and it’ll slip out at the most inconvenient time." Aero nodded, and started away, dragging Daryn along with him.

Demalurina looked up at Jonny, and smiled at him. Jonny grinned. "You know….you’re much prettier when you smile…" Dema blushed. "You’re flattering me…." Jonny laughed. "Damn straight!" Dema grinned and poked Jonny in the side. "Yes, well, I’m not quite used to it…." Jonnyonnydots grinned. "Well get used to it! Because I’m going to be doing it for a long, long while." Dema blushed again, and hugged Jonny tightly.

Daryn looked over his shoulder as he and Aero walked away from the alleyway. "Will she be all right with him, do you think?" Aero nodded silently. "They’ll be fine, they love each other…and she’s been needing to be loved. Daryn nodded and followed Aero back to the lair.