Demalurina's Tale: Part 4

Demalurina’s Tale: Part 4 (reader’s note: Remember…in the last fic, Dema went to live with Starrla, under the guise of Kiahna. So whenever Kiahna is mentioned, it’s actually Dema.)

Kiahna snarled at the offending tom and whirled around and sliced his cheek open. “Don’t you ever suggest a thing like that ever again! You hear me?” Kiahna moved close to the tom and pressed a dagger-sharp claw dangerously close to his most valued possessions. “And If I ever hear of you suggesting that again….I’ll have to remove these from you”

The gray and orange tom gulped and moved slowly away from her. “Y…yessm….whatever you say ma’am.”

Kiahna snorted and glared at him “Now get out of my sight before I change my mind!” The tom fled.

Starrla grinned proudly at her protégé when the tom was out of sight. “Well done dearie….we moight jus’ make a stray outta yew yet.” Kiahna looked at the ground and shook her head “I don’t want to be a stray….I just want us to stop fighting…” Starrla snorted “Hon, ‘at was th’ most ‘stray-ish’ thing yew’ve said th’ ‘ole toime yew’ve been ‘ere!! You’re a nat’ral!”

Kiahna inspected the drops of blood on the dirt. “Maybe I belong here….and maybe I don’t….I don’t know Starrla…..I’m so confused.” Starrla put a paw around Dema’s (Kiahna’s) shoulders. “Jus don’ worry ‘bout it ‘hon, you’ll figger it all out soon ‘nough”

DoubleTugger stalked around the edges of stray territory, snooping around.

:I know they’ve been keeping Dema captive…..ever since that Starrla queen, or whatever her name was came. I know that she stole Dema away. Either that or Dema finally decided who’s side she was really on. I should have known better……mated to the daughter of Macavity… could I have been so stupid??:

DoubleTugger shook his head and continued snooping around…..that is…..until he happened to come upon a border guard, who gleefully removed Double’s intestines from his body.

Malichi swore, as the tom’s blood spurted all over the place. “Aw shit. I just washed myself. Oh well….one less Jellicle to deal with.” Malichi sauntered away, leaving Double’s mutilated carcass behind.

Kiahna and Starrla walked the border at night, there was less chance of being seen, and they could talk to each other while patrolling. “Oi still dun’ think ‘at Selerity should put up wit’ Macavay, ‘es a young tom who dun’ know wot ‘e’s in fer if ‘e dun leave ‘er be.” Starrla muttered to Kiahna as they walked. Kiahna was about to reply to that when she tripped over something…..something large and sticky…..

“Hold up Starrla, I’ve found something” Kiahna crouched down and sniffed at the large object, and sneezed at the thick stench of blood and death that hung around it. “Starrla…..I think that it was a cat…..”

Starrla shrugged “’E prolly got in Mal’s way when ‘e was patrollin’.” She said nonchalantly. Kiahna turned the carcass over so she could see it’s face, and screamed when she saw who it was……or had been. “Starrla! It’s Double!! Oh Everlasting Cat he’s dead!!”

Kiahna fell into a heap on the ground and started wailing. Starrla quickly crouched beside her and put a paw over Kiahna’s mouth to muffle the sobs. “Quiet ‘on! Ya don’ wan anyone ta ‘ear ya do ya? Now ‘ush…..Oi’ll take ya ‘ome, and Oi c’n fin’sh patrollin by meself. T’en Oi’ll come an’ check on ya. Aroight?”

Starrla hurriedly forced Kiahna towards the box that Kiahna had chosen for herself to live in. Once she had made sure that Kiahna was alright, Starrla left quickly to finish the patrol.


Kiahna jumped as she heard a noise behind her.

:Heaviside…I can’t believe that Starrla put me on patrol tonight……The night of the Jellicle Ball……I miss them all so much…..Mom and Plato and Ferval and Prilla and Pristala. ‘Tala’s almost old enough to choose a mate by now….and I’ll miss it.:

Kiahna noticed a shadow moving around in the trees……something that was not common of shadows to do. She ducked down behind a trashcan and peered around it, to see who the mysterious cat was. The cat was obviously male, and very handsome. He looked similar to Bombalurina, but his fur was darker red, and he had more spots, almost like a dark red leopard... and he was humming softly to himself. Humming the opening song of the Jellicle Ball.

Kiahna blinked as the tom started singing. “Are you blind when you’re born?” Something came over Kiahna, something that compelled her to answer that question with a question of her own. Maybe it was the Jellicle blood in her, or maybe it was the fact that she missed her family so much. But in a crystal clear voice she sang back “Can you see in the dark?”

The tom looked over startled, he didn’t see her, but he knew she was there. Instead of stopping, he grinned wryly and continued. “Dare you look at a king? Would you sit on his throne?” Kiahna’s tail twitched, as she felt the excitement of the Jellicle Moon inhibit her. “Can you say of your bite, that it’s worse than your bark?” She hissed softly. The tom replied softly “Are you cock of the walk?” Kiahna crept out a little and sang with a little more enthusiasm “When you’re walking alone?”

She was no longer Kiahna, the protégé of the princess of blood Starrla, she was Demalurina….The Jellicle daughter of Bombalurina.

They danced the opening of the Jellicle Ball together, and just as Victoria had done when she was a kitten, and as Mystoria had done just last year, Dema signaled the invitation to the Jellicle Ball with the solo dance that had always let a tom know who his queen would be.

The strange tom looked upon the blackish-red queen with awe

:Heaviside……she’s beautiful. Who is she?:

Just as Dema finished the dance the tom crept towards her and watched her, since there were no other cats to celebrate the Jellicle Moon with them, the dance was over for a while….until the Ball itself came upon them. “That was beautiful….who are you? You must be a Jellicle…..but I’ve never seen you before.” Dema looked up, startled. She eyed the tom with fear…

:Heaviside, what if they all know? What if they know that Double’s dead because I ran away, what if all of them know that I’m Macavity’s daughter? Will they kill me? What are they gonna do to me?”

Dema tried to get up to run, but she was held still by the intense look in the tom’s eyes. “I…..I….I….You shouldn’t be here…..They’ll find out you were here, they’ll take you away, and no one will ever see you again. I won’t let them do that…..I can’t….they’ll all know that I was with a Jellicle this night, then they’ll know that I’m a Jellicle, and they’ll kill me!” Demalurina babbled incoherently.

The tom swiftly put his paws around her shoulders, and settled her down before asking. “What are you talking about? Who are ‘they’? You’re obviously a Jellicle, why aren’t you at the Ball?” Dema pulled away from him, scared of the memories that she knew would haunt her if she let herself succumb to those strong, tempting arms.

“I…I have to go….I shouldn’t even be talking to you.” She stammered. The tom watched her, concern written all over his face. “Why not? You must be a Jellicle, or else the moon wouldn’t have affected you like that.” Dema opened her mouth to reply, but thought better of it….she knew she was already in trouble. “I have to go.” She said quickly. Once again she was Kiahna, and crept into the darkness.

The tom looked at the ground for a brief moment, and when he looked up again she was gone…..he could sense that she was still there…just not in sight. “If I we ever meet again……my name is Jonnyonnydots.” He said to the apparently empty night….but he knew that the queen had heard him. Jonny looked around, hoping for some sort of reply, but just felt her presence fade as she crept away silently.

Bombalurina looked over as she saw Jonny enter the Junkyard. “Jonny! Where have you been? The ball started hours ago!” Jonnyonnydots smiled at Bombalurina “Why, I’ve been out for a walk dear Bomba.” Bombalurina smiled faintly. “Dema used to go for walks before the ball…..she said that the fresh air cleared her mind.” Bombalurina broke down and started crying. Plato noticed, and ran over to his queen. “Bomb….what’s the matter?” Plato looked over at Jonny. “What happened?” Jonny shook his head “I don’t know….she just started talking about someone named ‘Dema’ and started crying.”

Plato shook his head. “Dema…..Demalurina…..she’s Bomb’s daughter. She disappeared about a month ago… one’s seen her since…..and then her mate DoubleTugger was found near the stray’s border…..gutted. We think that the strays killed both of them.” Jonny shook his head sadly. “I’m sorry…..I didn’t know….” Plato put a paw on Jonny’s shoulder. “It’s alright, there was no way of you knowing.”

The ball continued as it did every year, but this year, a young tom named Jonnyonnydots, did not choose a mate….he simply watched the stars, and thought of a mysterious red and black queen, who had captured his heart with her dancing.

Kiahna sighed as Starrla combed more dye into her fur. “Wot’s th’ mattah’ ‘on?” Starrla asked. Kiahna fidgeted, as Starrla finished brushing the dye into her tail. “Well…..I met someone….but he’s a Jellicle…and you know that I can’t go back to them….they’ll know it’s my fault that Double was killed, and they’ll know that I’ve been living with you, and they’ll kill me.” Starrla grinned “Ah, so th’ young queen’s taken a fancy to a new tom eh?” Kiahna blushed slightly. “Well…..yes….and it’s all your fault!” Starrla looked innocent. “An’ why would it be my fault?”

Kiahna grinned “Because you’re the one who made me go on patrol last night!” Starrla feigned ignorance “An’ wot was so special ‘bout last noight, eh?” Kiahna sighed exasperatedly, she hated it when Starrla played these games with her. “Because last night was the Jellicle Ball…..and you knew that the moon would affect me….take hold of me once I heard just a few notes of the song.”

Starrla dropped the act. “’ell Oi did want ta see wot would ‘appen when yew went out last noight, so Oi followed ya…..but Oi did’na really spect ‘im ta be there….Oi must say tho..…’e is quite th’ looker, aint ‘e?”

Demalurina grinned foolishly “Well…..he was quite handsome….” Starrla just laughed.

Jonnyonnydots stalked around the alleyway where he had met the mysterious queen, hoping to get some clue as to where she had gone. After several hours of fruitlessly searching the area, he curled up behind the trashcan where she had first concealed herself, and fell asleep.

Jonnyonnydots dreamed ******A black and red queen danced in the moonlight…..Jonny took a step towards her, but she didn’t seem to see him. As he got closer, the black and red sort of melted away. It was most certainly the same queen….but now her coat was red, black, yellow, and white. A part of her looked like Bomba….but there was something sinister about her features….. She looked up and smiled radiantly at him, and held out a paw, in invitation to dance with her. As he stepped forward to grasp her paw, a black and gold queen with violet eyes, dashed up to her, and dragged her backwards, all the while hissing “She can’t be with you! Don’t you know they’ll kill her if they found out about you? Or her past? Why did you two have to fall in love? Why now?” Jonnyonnydots looked after the now, multi-colored queen, who was looking back at him, a pleading look in her eyes, her paw still outstretched. Jonny shook his head, and ran towards her, and grasped her paw, and pulled her away from the black and gold queen, and wrapped the multi-colored queen in his arms, hugging her tightly. The black and gold queen hissed again “So be it! Remember, her death will be on your head! If only you could’ve waited for another month! We would’ve had them by then, and THEN you could’ve loved her!” The multi-colored queen looked back at the gold and black queen, and whispered “Can’t someone else do it? Please? I need him, and I love him.” The black and gold queen shook her head sadly. “I’m sorry dearie, you’re the only one that can get them.” The multi-colored queen looked up at Jonny with bright green eyes that were filled with sadness, she hugged him tightly, and stepped away from him. “I have to finish this…..If not for me, for them.” Jonnyonnydots held a paw out to the retreating queen “Please…..I love you…” The queen shook her head “I’ll come to you later….please….trust me…” Jonny nodded, but before the queen could leave, he stepped up to her, and kissed her firmly on the lips. “I’ll be waiting for you…” he said softly. The multi-colored queen nodded, and disappeared. The black and gold queen nodded at him. “She will come back….she always keeps her promises.” The black and gold queen too faded from sight. Jonny sighed, and curled up next to the trashcan to wait. He would wait forever if he had to.******

Jonnyonnydots sat up quickly and looked around. “Oh Heaviside… was a dream…..only a dream….” Jonny wrapped his arms around his legs, and rested his forehead on his knees, and cried silently.

Kiahna sat up quickly in bed, and looked around frantically. She’d had a dream about the tom she’d met the other night…..such an odd dream….. She shook her head, and turned over, attempting to dismiss the dream. She needed her rest for tomorrow.

Kiahna stalked Macavay, watching his every move, just as she had done for the past week, but tonight was the night that Starrla would get him, and the start of the revolution. She crouched outside his quarters, where he had gone two hours ago, and not come out since.

:What on earth is he doing in there? I’ve never known him to stay in once spot for such a long period of time.:

Just as Kiahna finished thinking that, a fiery red queen sauntered out, looking inordinately pleased with herself.

:Marzipan: Kiahna thought dully :Well there’s no surprise there…..Everyone knows that she wants to be Macavay’s main queen…he’d never settle for her though….he’s too…..nomadic….. with his queens.:

Kiahna slunk away, when no one was looking, to report her findings to Starrla.

Starrla grinned, as Kiahna told her what she had seen, now was the time to set everything in action. “Kiah, dearie, yew’ve gotten ever’thin’ set up?” Kiahna nodded, and helped Starrla comb her whiskers out. “Do you think this is a good idea Starr? I mean…..what if he finds out what you’ve got planned for him?” Starrla snorted disdainfully. “E’s too full of ‘imself ta think ‘at he could get picked off while ‘e was gettin screwed.” Kiahna blinked at Starrla’s bluntness, but didn’t say anything about it. “Whatever you say…”.

Starrla sauntered up to Macavay’s chambers, and flicked her tail at the guards. “Oi’m ‘ere fer me….appointment.” She said slyly, all the while making suggestive movements with her hips. The guard licked his lips, while he stared at her swaying body. “Y-yessm….” He opened the door, and watched her longingly while she entered. He heard a slight cough from the inside, and quickly shut the door.

Starrla gave Macavay a seductive look, and waited for him to speak. “Starrla….my dear… look lovely tonight.” Starrla smiled innocently “Why thank yew Mackey…..and Oi must say ‘at yew mus’ be th’ most ‘andsome tom Oi’ve evah seen in moi entiah loife.” Macavay grinned ferally, and walked close to her, and bit her neck, just hard enough to draw blood. Starrla winced slightly, but didn’t cry out, knowing that weakness made him disdainful. She knew from past experiences that Macavay liked blood and pain in anything he did…..even in making love….so she expected to get quite a few cuts, and bites tonight.

Starrla thought nothing of her mission, as she seduced Macavay, she knew that he could read thoughts, and made absolutely sure that he would not know of his imminent death until the second before she killed him.

As Macavay dragged his claws down her chest, Starrla saw her chance. As he was slowly licking up the blood, Starrla quickly unsheathed her claws, and caught him around the throat. He looked up in surprise, and a hint of terror, as he faced death. Starrla glared venomously at him, and ripped his throat out. He had time for only one small holler, which she covered up by caterwauling like she was having an orgasm. She smiled cruelly, and took the back way out, which, incidentally led the way to Selerity’s chambers. She’d have to let Kiahna know about that.

Starrla crept towards her pipe, and prayed to the Everlasting Cat that she wouldn’t run into anyone, which she didn’t…..until she was almost home. Starrla almost screamed as she bumped into a large cat. She looked up quickly, and saw with relief that it was only her brother Aerotiger. “Aero…..bro….yew’ve gotta ‘elp me get outta ‘ere.” Aerotiger, who knew about her plan to kill Macavay took in the sight of his bloody sister, and hugged her. “Oi’m glad yer’ okay sis.” Starrla scowled. “Don’ hug me ‘ya moron, jus’ get me outta ‘ere!” Aero grinned, glad that his sister was acting like her old self again, and hastily got her to the pipe.,p>

Starrla cleaned most of the blood off of herself, and looked at Kiahna gravely. “They’ll know by tomorra’ afternoon at th’ earliest. Oi ‘ave ta be outta ‘ere tanoight. Aero ‘ere will tell ya ‘ow ta get at Selerity. Oi’ve got a friend who ‘as a debt ‘at needs repayin, Oi’ll stay wit’ ‘im fer a while.” Kiahna nodded solemnly, and looked up at Aero, who nodded reassuringly. “Good luck Starrla.” Starrla smiled faintly and put a paw on Kiahna’s shoulders. “Luck be wit’ ya too ‘on, Ever’lastin’ Cat knows ‘at ya need it fer what’s gonna ‘appen tomorrah. An’ don’ worry ‘bout the Jel’cles, they’ll be too ‘appy ta see ya, ta worry bout who yer da was, or why ‘at tom o’ yers was killed an yew weren’t.” Kiahna nodded, and hugged Starrla. “I hope I see you again.” Starrla grinned “’course ya will! We’re friends now.” Dema smiled. “You’re right. We are.”