Demalurina's Tale: Part 2

Demalurina’s Tale: Part 2

Macavay stared at the black and white queen who was walking down the street looking absolutely furious. He decided to cause a little more trouble for the Jellicles.

Jemima stalked down the street, practically blinded by fury. Today she had come upon DoubleTugger and Demalurina who were making out behind the tire!

:How dare he even look at her! Much less kiss her? He should be paying attention to me! Not that stupid multi-colored …..:

Jemima’s thoughts were interrupted when she bumped into a stunning, pure black tom with bright yellow eyes. "Watch it!" She hissed. She glared at the tom, who stared at her thoughtfully for a moment.

"Excuse me, my dear. I must really watch where I’m going." He purred silkily. Jemima stared at him, her mouth agape.

:Heaviside! He’s even handsomer than DoubleTugger!:

Macavay smiled, and rubbed up against the queen "Yes…I am quite handsome, aren’t I?" Jemima started "You…you read my mind..?" Macavay nodded "Of course I did…and I must say, you are quite extraordinary yourself." Jemima blushed, and eyed the strange tom wonderingly. "What’s your name?" She asked him, licking her lips as she stared at his muscular body.

Macavay put his mouth right next to her ear "My name, dear queen is Macavay…." Jemima blinked. "You….you work for Selerity, don’t you?" Macavay smiled "Yes I do, and I happen to know that you are the perfect queen for my plans…if you agree to them, you will be my queen for the rest of time, dear Jemima…and if you don’t…." Quick as lightning, his paw encircled her neck "I’ll have to kill you….which would be a terrible waste."

Jemima gulped and nodded "I’ll work for you. But remember.." She knocked his paw away from her throat and bared her fangs at him "I work for YOU, not Selerity….I won’t take orders from her." Macavay grinned cruelly "My dear queen, she won’t even know you exist." Jemima nodded, satisfied. Macavay put a paw around her shoulders, and led her into a dark alleyway… "Now my dear, here’s what we’ll do…." Macavay proceeded to tell Jemima what he wanted her to do to the Jellicles, and then he showed her just how pleased he was that she had decided to join him…..

Demalurina kissed DoubleTugger goodnight, and walked into the pipe that she lived in. She was greeted by her mother and father, (Bombalurina and Plato) who were getting ready to take Pristala out on her first hunting trip.

Tala bounced around the pipe, while Plato attempted to explain to her how to make a quick, clean kill. Dema giggled at her father’s exasperated sigh, as Tala pounced on his tail.

Bombalurina kissed her daughter on the forehead "Did you and Double have a nice time at the park?" Demalurina smiled dreamily "Oh yes…it was wonderful…" Bombalurina winked at her daughter, as Plato yelped, when Tala bit his tail a bit *too* hard.

"Well, we’d better be off now dear. Are you sure you don’t want to come?" Plato asked Demalurina. Dema shook her head "No, this is Tala’s time to shine. I’d just get in the way." Bombalurina smiled "Well, if that’s how you feel, then have a nice evening dear, we’ll be back sometime tomorrow morning."

Pristala jumped on Dema and gave her a big hug "Thanks Dema, I’ll be sure to get a big ol’ rat for you!" Demalurina hugged Tala back, and said "Good hunting Minxlette!" Tala jumped out of her arms, and ran to the doorway, where Bomba and Plato were waiting for her.

Dema waved bye to all three, and collapsed on her pillow, and thought about her last date with DoubleTugger.

: I sure had a nice time with Double…I wonder if he’s as serious about this relationship, as I am..:

Suddenly, there was a knock at the entrance of the pipe. Demalurina got up, and went to the ‘doorway’, only to encounter the embodiment of her thoughts.

"Double, …hey, come on in." DoubleTugger followed Dema inside the pipe. "Dema… I have to ask you…" Demalurina cocked her head at Double, who looked slightly nervous. "Do you really love me?" He asked suddenly. Demalurina frowned slightly "You know I do…why?" DoubleTugger licked his lips nervously.

"Well…I’ve been wanting to ask you for quite a while, but…um…Dema…would… would you be my mate?" Demalurina’s eyes widened for a brief second, then, she squealed, and threw her arms around Double’s neck, "Of course I will!!" DoubleTugger sighed in relief, and hugged Dema tightly. Life was perfect.

Macavay lay drowsily, with Jemima in his arms. :I will have this one begging to kill for me in a short while.: He thought with satisfaction. His thoughts were interrupted though, by a scuffle just outside the door. Macavay scowled and got up slowly, so he wouldn’t awaken Jemima.

Macavay irritatedly opened the door, and glowered at everyone in the hallway. "What is going on?" he growled softly. All action ceased as soon as he spoke, and the two culprits were pushed before him by his guard.

One was a stunning black queen, with golden stripes, and startling violet eyes, and the other was a scruffy looking orange tabby with bright black eyes.

"Well?" Macavay said calmly. The queen spoke up first

"’Twasn’t anythin’ oi couldn’a handled me’self if yer bully boys ‘ere hadn’a int’rupted meh!" Macavay smiled sardonically and looked at the tom expectantly. The large tom gave the queen a sidelong glance

"Well suh….twas loike this…" Macavay cut him off with a curt gesture.

"Never mind…I really don’t want to know. StarrlaRai, quit beating up your brother…Aerotiger, quit pestering your sister about her non-existent love life."

Starrla gasped in outrage, as Aerotiger sniggered. Macavay sighed "Now out of my sight. Both of you." They fled.

Morning found Demalurina and DoubleTugger curled up around each other. ‘Tala ran into the pipe, and stopped right in her tracks.

"Dema! Mom’s gonna kill you!" She hissed Dema and Double both sat up quickly, and looked around.

"Oh no!" Dema said quickly. DoubleTugger nuzzled his mate "Why would you get in trouble? We’re official now." Demalurina blinked "Hey… you’re right." Dema snuggled closer to DoubleTugger "Well then, I can sleep in."

Pristala blinked, astonished. Then Bombalurina and Plato walked in, and they too stopped dead in their tracks. Bombalurina took one look at the scene before her, and burst out laughing

"See! I told you she’d be mated to him before the next Jellicle ball!" Plato just sat there, stunned. "Well dear…I….I believe that I owe you a rat…" "Damn straight you do!" Bombalurina replied saucily. Dema giggled at her mother’s impudence.

"You two made a bet on this?" she asked. Bombalurina grinned "’course we did!" Plato just grimaced "It was your mother’s idea…"

DoubleTugger licked Dema’s cheek affectionately. "Well then….mom……..I believe that I shall whisk your daughter away for a few nights." He said playfully. Demalurina giggled and nipped at DoubleTugger’s ears. Bombalurina sighed "Please do! We just can’t seem to get rid of her!" Demalurina stuck her tongue out at her mother. "Love you too mom." Bombalurina just winked at Dema, then made a shooing motion at them.

"Well… if you’re going to be leaving for a few days, you might as well leave now!" Dema and DoubleTugger climbed to their feet, and sauntered out the doorway. "See ya later mom! Dad!"

‘Tala looked at Plato "Dad…promise me you’ll never make a bet on when I’ll be mated to a tom!" Plato just nodded, still a little stunned. "Yes dear."

Marzipan knocked at the door to Macavay’s chambers. There was a quiet murmur of voices, then Jemima stuck her head out of the door. Marzipan looked her up and down "Who are you?" She asked bluntly. Jemima glared at Marzi "None of your business who I am. What do you want?" Marzipan flicked her red tail disdainfully "I want to talk to the boss."

Jemima twitched her whiskers at the smell of tom all over this new queen, but let her in anyway. Jemima went back to Macavay, and snuggled back into his embrace. Jemima saw the flicker of jealousy behind the red queen’s eyes, and smirked. :Yes dearie, he’s mine. Get over it.: Macavay nodded at the red queen

"You have something to report Marzipan my dear?"

Marzi quickly regained her cool and sensuously shook her flaming red fur out of her eyes. "Of course Macavay, You asked me to keep an eye on Macavity’s daughter, and tell you when she became mated. Just last night she chose her tom. They are now headed off to their ‘honeymoon’."

Macavay smiled cruelly "Excellent work Marzipan….and if you come back here later, I shall give you your reward."

Marzi shivered visibly, at the heat in his voice, and grinned in anticipation. "Yes Mackey." Marzipan flicked her tail once again, and sauntered out the door.

Jemima looked up at Macavay, a questioning look in her eyes. "Jemmy dear…now you prove your loyalty." Jemima stared into Macavay’s hypnotic bright yellow eyes. "What shall I do?" Macavay grinned cruelly "You bring me Demalurina, and her mate."

Jemima gasped "Demalurina’s Macavity’s daughter??" Macavay nodded. "And I want to bring her to Selerity." Jemima scowled "What does Selerity want with her?" Macavay shrugged "Honestly I don’t know, nor do I care, but I do know that if I do, I’ll be her second in command…Think of the power I could control! And I could get you everything your little heart desires."

Jemima wiggled excitedly "I’ll get her! Oooh I’ll get her all right! Oh…Do I have to refrain from hurting her?" Macavay smiled indulgently ,p>"So long as you keep her alive, I don’t care what you do to her." Jemima squealed in excitement, and kissed Macavay passionately. "I’ll do ANYTHING for you, if I get to hurt Demalurina." She said heatedly Macavay nodded "That’s a good girl."

StarrlaRai looked out at the London drizzle, and turned to glare at her brother. "Oi don’ care wot ‘e says! Me love loife aint non-existent!" Aerotiger shrugged non-commitally, and twitched his tail. "So wot if it is?" Starrla snarled, and tackled her brother, her claws digging into his shoulders. "It isn’t Oi tell ya! I ‘ad a relation’ship wit Macavity! ‘E was moine! And I loved him more ’an you could possibly imagine!"

Aero hissed at Starrla "’AD’ t‘ere’s the key word in ‘at sentence! Past tense! Not-present! Get it through yo’ ‘ead! ‘E’s dead, and ‘e won’t e’er come back, no mattah wot yew do!"

Starrla gave Aero a hurt look and got off of him, and ran to a corner of the box they lived in, and started sobbing.

Aerotiger rubbed his shoulders, and went and put an arm around Starrla’s shoulders. "Listen…sis…I know ‘e loved ya…ever’one knows ‘at…but come on….you ‘ave to move on ‘ventually." Starrla shook with strangled sobs "Wot about when ‘e took Bombalurina?" She sobbed "‘E didn’t even talk to meh then…and when Oi found out ‘bout Dema…."

Starrla began wailing again, as Aero rocked her softly. "’ush now…’ey…look at meh…" Starrla looked at Aerotiger, "’E ‘ad probl’ms….Selerity wos getting’ to ‘im, and ‘e couldn’a take th’ pressure. An’ we both know ‘at Selerity won’ted ‘im dead. She prolly drove ‘im mad ‘a purpose!"

Starrla looked up, and stifled her sobs. "Well ‘en…woi don’ we kill ‘er?" Aerotiger smiled sadly "We can’t, she ‘as too much powah, not e’en Macavay can ‘andle th’ oul’ witch. B’soides, we need ‘er to live. Th’ Jellicles, they wouldn’a take us, ‘specially ‘f they knowd you was Mackey’s gal. An’ if it woren’t fer ‘er, we’d ‘ave no where ta go." Starrla nodded sadly, and wiped the tears away with the back of her paw.

:I’m too strong to cry. I must never cry. Crying is for the weak.:

Starrla smiled up at Aero "But ‘least we cn make ‘er loife a livin ‘ell." Aerotiger threw his head back and laughed "Damn straight we cn’!"

Their reverie was interrupted by the rough gutteral voice of Malachi, Selerity’s lover, and chief guard. "StarrlaRai! Aerotiger! You’ve got a prisoner to interrogate!" Starrla sighed, and got up. "’Ell…du’ty colls!" Aerotiger grinned, and walked out of the box, his sister right at his heels.

"Aw Shaddup Mal! We’re a comin’!" Starrla yelled to the tower where Malachi was posted. Starrla took the lead, and strutted into the dungeons. She glared at the dungeonmaster, as he told her which cell the new prisoner was in.

Aerotiger winked at the dungeonmaster, who gaped after Starrla. All the toms had wanted a try at her, but when they DID try, they found themselves lacking their most valued posessions. (And for those of you who can’t figure out what I mean when I say that…well…you’ve obviously not been living with your mind in the gutter very long….)

Starrla found the cell with ease, it was one she had previously interrogated another prisoner…the only differences were the prisoner, and his blood had been washed off the walls. "So, who th’ ‘ell are yew, and why th’ ‘ell are yew ‘ere?" She asked bluntly.

The prisoner was a stocky, well-built tom. His fur was a steely gray, with orange highlights and his paws were black. His eyes though….his eyes were something else. They were a dark blue, almost black, with flecks of gold in them. He gave her a half-smile

"My name, dear lady, is Mjaum. I am new here, just moved from Norway. I too, wonder why I am in this cell. I don’t believe that I offended anyone."

Starrla snorted "Offended me arse! ‘F you s’much as look at one o’ these ‘oodlums, ‘ey consid’r it an offence!" Mjaum blinked, startled. "I….I’m sorry….I didn’t know that London cats were so quick to take offense at such a small matter."

Starrla grinned. "S’long as yew don’ join any Jel’cles, or ‘ave any conflict wit Selerity or Macavay, ‘en we don’ have any right ta ‘old ya!" Mjaum looked puzzled "Jellicles? Selerity? Macavay?" Starrla sighed.

"’Ere’s th’ deal. Jel’cles are a troibe o’ cat’s that we ‘appen ta ‘ave a quarrel wit’. Selerity is our leader, and Macavay is onna th’ big boys ‘at controls too much for ‘is own good. Mjaum nodded "Ah, I see now, thank you for explaining that to me."

Starrla started….she wasn’t used to having people thank her for anything. The only cat that had ever been respectful to her was Macavity. Starrla coughed, and put on a gruff manner. "’Ell….oi suppose ‘at Oi’ll be lettin’ yew go tanoight." Mjaum frowned "Well…If you’ll pardon my asking, why not now?"

Starrla gave him a sardonic smile. "B’cuz ‘ere are sum ‘at would’Na wont yew ta go wit’out getting a bit roughed up. Mjaum looked at her curiously "Then why are you helping me?" Starrla scuffed her foot in the dirt "’Cause Oi’ve been th’ victim too…an’ Oi did’Na loike it one bit."

Jemima sauntered away from Macavay’s lair, She had a job to do, and she was on her way to do it.

:Wonderful that my job includes being able to hurt Demalurina…little whore.: Jemima grinned cruelly.

:Once I tell the junkyard who her real father is….they’ll have to kick her out…and I’ll be considered a hero, for discovering the demon’s spawn.:

As Jemima entered the junkyard, she encountered Coricopat and Tantomile. "Why hello you two! How are you today?" She asked sweetly. Tantomile stared at her, and twitched her whiskers suspiciously. "We’re fine thank you. Where have you been for the past day?" Jemima stammered "I…was……you see…"

Coricopat cut her off with a snarl "We know what you’ve been up to, so don’t even try to hide it!" Jemima glared at him. "Just try and stop me."

Tantomile gave her a dirty look "Oh we will….trust me." Jemima was trying to decide whether to run for it, or hit her, when she found herself surrounded by Mistoffelees, Mystoria, and Ferreta.

Jemima looked around herself in horror, and tried to dash through the gap between Mystoria and Mistoffelees.

Bad idea.

Mystoria hissed, and Misto made a brief gesture. Suddenly Jemima found herself frozen in place, unable to move. She was however, able to vocalize. "I’ll kill you all! I’ll kill you for protecting that little whore! Demon’s Spawn! She’ll be the end of you! Selerity will get her, and turn her back to the strays! You can’t hide her parentage forever!"

Demalurina ran into the junkyard, with DoubleTugger at her heels. "What’s going on?" She asked, confusion written all over her face. Jemima turned her gaze towards Demalurina "Your daddy! You little whore! Just like your mother!" Demalurina gasped "What are you talking about?!"

DoubleTugger put his arms around Dema comfortingly. "How dare you talk to her like that!?" He yelled at Jemima angrily. Jemima stared at DoubleTugger, and a cruel smile spread across her lips.

"Your little whore’s daddy is Macavity! Oh won’t you be proud, I can just hear it now ‘well my queen’s father was the napoleon of crime. Of course she’s a whore, just like her no good mother.’ HA! You never counted on that did you? You should have come to me! I would have been better for you! But you didn’t even glance my way! NOOO, You had your sights set on her from the beginning! Well I found my own tom! Macavay is a much better lover than you ever could have been!"

DoubleTugger took a step back, as Demalurina’s jaw dropped. "Macavity is not my father! Plato is! How dare you say such a thing!?" Jemima sneered.

"Idiot. Where do you think you get that highly domed brow? Those slightly sunken in eyes? The red and white and black striped leg?"

Demalurina tensed herself to leap at Jemima and tear her apart, when she felt DoubleTugger’s arms around her, restraining her. "Don’t do it!" He hissed quietly. "That’s what she wants you to do!"

Demalurina struggled slightly, then gave in. Jemima cackled "HA! Why didn’t you kill me? You would’ve made daddy proud!"

Demalurina screeched and tried to go for Jemima’s throat, except that DoubleTugger was still restraining her. "Let me kill her!" She screamed, struggling with all her might. DoubleTugger turned her around in his arms, and made her look into his eyes.

"Listen to yourself! She wants you to kill her, so you’ll be like HIM! Don’t let her die, knowing that she succeeded in making you like your father!"

Demalurina gasped, as if he had slapped her, and stared at him for a brief second, then burst into tears.

Jemima started taunting her once again, until Mystoria made a silencing motion, and Jemima’s mouth snapped shut, and not of her own volition. "I think we’ve heard enough to convict her." Mystoria said quietly.

DoubleTugger held Demalurina close to his chest, as she sobbed quietly. "Why didn’t they tell me? Why did they let me believe that Plato was my father?" DoubleTugger made a shushing noise, as he stroked the back of her head. "Hush, love. It’ll be all right. We’ll fix everything."