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This page is sort of a links/credits page. We'd like to thank all the wonderful people (or cats as you may be)for donating any images, costume/make-up pics, fanfics, artwork, or simply gave us lotsa moral support, especially when we needed it *sniff* I'm sorry..I get so sentimental...*gets hit with an address book* OW! FINE! BE THAT WAY! *Dema rubs her sore head as Starrla snickers and looks innocent* Aaaanyway..onto the Credits!!! (Oh and if you donated anything, and don't see your page listed, then e-mail either Starrla OR Dema...yes I'M MAKING YOU CHOOSE! BUWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! *gets hit with a phone book* Dema:OKAY STARRLA! YOU'VE MADE YOUR POINT! I'LL SHUT UP NOW!! eesh.. *Starrla sticks her tounge out at Dema*

When comments have little *'s and are in silver that means that Dema made them! *prance*Well ain't that just peachy?Oh shut up starr :-P


  • Marzi's Jellicle Litter-Thank you SOO much for helping us, and letting us use some of the awesome piccys from your site! * WOW! This is one of the best sites I've ever seen! Excellent work Marzi!!

  • Rogallia's Site-Thanks for the SPIFFY eyes that are on the main page! And for the moral support! *Her website is in progress, has lots of potential! Roggie's a HUGE Tugger fan, and it's guaranteed to have lots of Tugger stuff, so go check out her site!*

  • Mevima - Thank you so much for drawing the Starrla pic!

  • Thank-you so much for the graphics Munkustrap!!! *ooooo purdy site!!*

  • Thanks ever so much for letting us use some of the awesome london pics Linn! AKA: Fallen Angel AKA: Felicia :-) *this site is full of WONDERFUL pictures!! She's also listed under's Starrla's list of 'Must Reads'*

  • Thanks for the spiffy backgrounds Phillidia!! *has a lovely site!! Do go see!*

  • Here is Ahdeya's wonderful page full of some of the *best* CATS art work on the internet, along with fabulous fics, and links to some of her other work, which includes (but not limited to) sculptures, dolls and other cats, and fantasy related things. Taurs, unicorns, and cat-people. Go see!!!
  • *waddles away with large bag of money, while ahdeya looks innocent*

  • Zarquen's Nook of the Junkyard
  • This is my little brother's site (not in RL tho..) he's got some *fabulous* pictures and other great stuff. Go check him out!!

    If you want to, please link to us with any of these banners Danke!