Demalurina's Art Page

These are Dema's drawings of Cats from the video. Enjoy!

  • Bombalurina and Demeter

  • More Bombalurina and Demeter (kin ya tell who I like?)

  • Electra

  • whoo Shexay Munkustrap

  • Made Up Characters

    by Demalurina
  • My chat friends Aerotiger and StarrlaRai

  • Fire Kitten One of my many chat personalities.

  • One of my odd drawings when I was ticked off....which explains why she's holding a knife.....

  • Awww sad little Calypso.

  • A Desmondona piccy that I drew and colored in photoshop for my friend FallenAngel AKA Dessie

  • Dema's Hamburg Art Gallery

  • Hamburg Bombalurina
  • Hamburg Bombalurina 2
  • Hamburg Demeter

  • Hamburg Demeter 2

  • Art From Other Productions

  • Swedish Rumpleteazer

  • Anime Bombalurina

  • Previous...In COLOR!!

  • Other People's CATS Art