Welcome to Dema and Starrla's Jellicle Junkyard

Welcome to Dema and Starrla's Jellicle Junkyard

OH MY GOD I ACTUALLY UPDATED THE SITE!!! *dances hyperly* Okay, since noone emailed me except Medianoche (thanks dearie!) I gave into the silent demand, and posted a new story in the FanFic section by Genevieve, and I updated my maniacal page, since I needed a good rant. Enjoy!! -Dema

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  • Dema (Demalurina)
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Hey Hey Hey! Welcome to our page of insanity, if you can't handle our psychotic-hyperactivity then LEAVE NOW! Maybe sometime in the near future we will actually have things on our site... *g* While you're here, please put your pawprint in the guestbook....Dema is feeling unloved, and you'll make her cry. Starrla: Whatever you do, don't make her cry!! *I'm* the one who has to put up with her all the time!!

Until then, Dema & Starrla
HI, We'd like you to meet our new friend Super-Brat Feline Kimba, she's our cursor and site guardian..but don't piss her off or she'll kill you..she's like that sometimes...(Kimba: Get me outta here! They work for those Jellicles! They're the Evil ones! *Dema clamps a paw over Kimba's mouth, as Starrla searches for something to gag her with* Dema: She's a bit off her rocker... Starrla: Pay absolutely no attention to her... *Dema and Starrla exchange glances as the viewer RAE at them* Dema: *innocence* WHAAAAAAT?????.......

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