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Examples of Internet Vocabulary

Internet address
Internet service provider

A network within an organization that uses Internet technologies and protocols, but is available only to certain people, such as employees of a company. An intranet is also called a private network.

Two or more network segments connected by routers. Another term for internetwork.
A worldwide network of computers. If you have access to the Internet, you can retrieve information from millions of sources, including schools, governments, businesses, and individuals.

Internet address
An address for a resource on the Internet that is used by Web browsers to locate Internet resources. An Internet address typically starts with a protocol name, followed by the name of the organization that maintains the site; the suffix identifies the kind of organization it is. For example, the address provides the following information:
http: This Web server uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
www: This site is on the World Wide Web.
edu: This is an educational institution.

Internet service provider (ISP)
A company that provides individuals or companies access to the Internet and the World Wide Web. An ISP provides a telephone number, a user name, a password, and other connection information so users can connect their computers to the ISP's computers. An ISP typically charges a monthly or hourly connection fee.

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