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Page 2

Yay! Page Two Is up!!! Pics from Maxwell's are here!

Adrian Rodarte looking mighty befudelled
Ruben Colunga studying his Pamentaloaf Script
Sarah Rivera and Lisa Williams
Those Azian Guys
Willy Scarbrough
The Crococile and Michael Rodriguez
The Director: James Griffin
Me, Tristan Hernandez, and Kristin Meerdink
Amanda Walz
Moni putting on Makeup
Marcus Loring
KT Mudd
Funny Lookin Adrian Merendon
Me and Mike Hjortnaes
Alex Myerchin and Jason Booth playing Air Hockey
Erin Perez
Candid Pic at Maxwells
Nicole Comer and I
Shoot, Jade Lopez! Shoot! Oh...and there's that Cassie girl in the picture
Marcus Loring and his Jamaican sticker
Katie Barrett
Jessica Degrasse and I
Casey, Jessica, and I
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