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Junior University Pictures

HUZZAH FOR CHRISTMAS CAROL!!!! Congrats to everyone! I love you all!

Hey Guys. You're Favorite Azian Man here. The Show was so much fun. I love you all! Check out some of these pics that I got. Oh yeah...for the movie files, download it onto your computer using Right Click and click "Save target as". Have fun guys...and girls...and J/k Bro! Please Sign my Guestbook!

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Click on one of these pics and It'll send you straight to my Webshots album where you can view them there

Katy Amendt and Michelle McGinnis
Backstage during Makeup
Bethany striking a pose
The Boys in the dressing room
Nicole Comer
Josh Godfrey
MOVIE: The Duel the was it shoulda looked....RIGHT CLICK AND
Casey Lawless
Kristin Meerdink fixing Casey's hair
Josh LeVesque
Me and Amanda Walz
Me and Jason Booth
Me and Michelle McGinnis
Kristin Meerdink and her huge smile
Melissa Schwartzkopf
Me, Matt Beall, and Alex Myerchin
Adrian Merendon holdin up his thuggish sign
Monica Negrete
KT Mudd and Michael Hjortnes
My lil bro and Nicole Flores
Pamentaloaf 2003
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