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Performance Name: Pirates Booty


Pirate Captain - Chase

1st Mate - Dave

Pirate 1 - Inga

Pirate 2 - Harmony

English Captain - Byron

Officer 1 - Matt

Officer 2 - Tom

Officer 3 -?

Opening Scene

(Mellow Music Starts) The scene starts with the captain sitting in her chair looking bored, swilling rum of course. Pirate 1 and 2 should be working on deck, perhaps swabbing the deck or sewing sails. The 1st Mate should be tending to the Captain's needs, refilling her tankard offering her food ect… He starts to look worried as it becomes clear that the Captain is becoming increasingly bored.

(Upbeat Music Starts) The 1st Mate moves across the stage and speaks with Pirate 1 and Pirate 2 enlisting their help in raising the Captains spirits.

The crew move off to the side where the rummage through their goods in search of something to please the captain.

Pirate 1 brings a loaf of bread, to which the Captain responds with an amused smile.

Pirate 2 brings some bananas; the Captain takes them and holds them up in comparison to her tankard of rum. She looks at both of them as if weighing which is better; of course she chooses the rum.

The 1st Mate brings gold and various baubles; the Captain likes gold of course yet still seems unsatisfied.

After seeing this Pirate 1 and Pirate 2 look at each other then nod in agreement, and off they go to the corner of the stage where they remove a covering from a captive they were saving for later. They bring the Maiden forth and parade her around the deck ending at the mast, which they tie her to. The Captain seeing this new arrival seems intrigued and begins to pay attention to something other than her rum.

(Kinky Music Starts) After being tied to the mast the Maiden will struggle while the three Pirates circle around her. Pirate 1 will take a toy from a crate beside the mast and begin to tease the Maiden, and then Pirate 2 does the same joining in on the fun. While they are teasing the Maiden the 1st Mate tries to persuade the Captain to join in.

Soon it's more than the Captain can stand and she rises from her seat and stalks towards the Maiden, making one circle around her she stops in front of her. She grabs the Maiden's chin and lifts her face to hers, giving a stare that says with out a doubt she now belongs to her. The Captain proceeds to play with her newfound toy, while her shipmates look on in glee. This goes on for a bit…then…

(Fight Music Starts) While the Pirates are distracted the English Officers led by their Captain board the Pirate Ship. (Hopefully the boarding will take place from the back door.)

The English Captain should have his left side facing the audience, Officer 1, Officer 2, and Officer 3 should be on his left but slightly behind him in a line leading towards the crowd.

Being the Honorable man he is the English Captain shouts his challenge the Pirate Captain. As soon as the Pirates are aware of the intruders they should also line up in the same way.

Captain facing Captain, Pirate Facing Officer.

While each side is sizing each other up the Pirates should be scowling and grimacing in a Pirate like manner. (Feel free to practice at home so as to put on your best Pirate face for the show.)

The English on the other hand should appear above such beastly manners. (Those on the English side can also feel free to practice their looks as well, shoot for haughty or snobbish if you can do both at the same time more power to ya)

Here starts the fight scene:

At the start the English Captain is sizing up the Pirate Captain, the Pirate Captain will quick draw her sword and slice off the English captain's sword belt kicking it to the side hoping to gain the advantage. One of the English Captains Officers will hand him another sword. Both Captains' will be involved in a highly choreographed fight sequence.

Pirate 1 vs. Officer 1

Both of you look at each other, The Pirate points behind the Officer; sadly the officer looks whereupon the Pirate drives her sword into his gut. The Officer looks at her in total surprise and proceeds to die in a painful manner. (Note to Officer: Feel free to randomly kibbie even after death.) After wiping her blade off on the Officer's coat Pirate 1 then proceeds to sneak up behind Officer 2.

Pirate 2 vs. Officer 2

Pirate 2 and Officer 2 trade blows back and forth for a bit. After a few blows the Officer starts to gain the upper hand, eventually knocking the Pirates sword out of her hand. After losing her sword the Pirate begins to plead for her life, and the Officer hesitates. This is when Pirate 1 should come up behind Officer 2 and slits his throat. Both Pirates look towards the 1st mate and Officer 3.

1st Mate and Officer 3

Both square off evenly, the pace going back and forth until the other two Pirates finish with their kills. Then they join in for a slow taunting kill of the last outnumbered Officer.

These fight scenes happen at the same time as the Captains fight scene only out in front of the stage a little as it allows.

Now with all the Officers dead and the English Captain surrendered we move on to the next scene.

(Last Scene One Way)

The Pirates tie the English Captain to the opposite side of the mast and begin the torture anew. The Pirate Captain will lift up the English Captain's head and offer to let him go if he becomes part of her crew, she waves pirate garb at him in earnest. She does the same to the Maid. The crew joins in by tormenting which ever one the Captain isn't paying attention to. After a short while the two captives relent and assume the status of Pirate by donning Pirate Garb.

(Last Scene Another Way)

The Pirates hold the English Captain and force him to watch while the Maiden is tormented. The Pirate Captain attempts to have him join in on the fun yet he refuses. The Pirate Captain continues to show just how fun it is to take advantage of the helpless Maiden. The Pirate Captain then forces a toy in his hand and uses it to prod the Maiden. At first he turns his face away, but slowly he realizes he likes it and starts to join in on his own. After a bit of this the Pirate Captain hands the Former English Captain some Pirate garb which he puts on becoming a Pirate himself.

(Last Scene Yet Another Way)

The English Captain and the Maiden are tied on the mast together, both separately tormented, then forced to torment each other. The are reluctant at first, then they get into it. After a heated scene the Pirate Captain presents them with Pirate Garb. They put it on becoming Pirates.

The whole crew join in for some rollicking good times, rum abounds as the music ends.