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The Cats Fanclub

Since 20th March, 2001

Welcome to the Cats Fanclub! The aim of this club is to have a record here of everyone who considers themselves a Cats Fan, their website, Cats name, email, location in the planet... let everyone give as much info about themselves as they like! With an up-to-date list of all the Catsfans, everyone's a member of the club, we have identity, an official name for the community, so any Cats Fans events use the name. I feel I ain't explaing this clearly?
OK, for example, on 11th May is the Cats London 21st Birthday. A number of Cats Fans will be there. But We will tell the management that members of the Cats Fanclub are going, they'll know who to contact about this (the founders) they can make it part of their press release, WE can make a press release to let people know we exist! And with a definite identity- the Cats Fanclub, people know who they're talking about! err... that any clearer?

The big advantage of this Fanclub will be that it'll be definitive. This will be the way for people to contact the Catsfans! I think it's very important for this community to at least have spokespeople, people that official bodies can contact, and who can pass information on! I want to help with this!

5th November: I'm sorry. I won't give you guys poor excuses, but I'm really sorry this site's been neglected for so long! But now we're back, with a new format for the fan-list. Sign yourselves up! It's simply a guestbook format, fill in whatever questions you want to, to tell the rest of the Cats world about yourself! 2nd April: Well, I got the chat button hooked up to Jellicle Chat, and a page of banners up. If you want to make your own banners, please send them to me, I'd love to put them up too!

27th March: whoo! Lots of people have joined, and offering to help me! Thanks, everyone!

21st March: Within 24 hours, I've had such encouraging feedback! We have 4 founders, Myself (Belle 1302), Whimsey, Balurina, and Felicidaya. Plenty of other people are gonna need to help us, though!


Email Belle!