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!!!MEOW!!! And Hello to all Jellicles visiting my hangout. My name is LIL Bombalurina. I am Bombalurina and Demeter's LIL sister, and the last born. I really admire my big sister BOMBY, so I decided to make a site about her. I look just like my big sister sometimes people have a hard time telling us apart! My human, Kit or Jewels, as she's better known, also sometimes helps with the site. And sometimes my friends help out too, but most of the time I run the site by myself.

Things you might want to paw through:

This sight is dedicated to the best Jellicle cat out there...Bombalurina! There is plenty to do here, so have fun and learn more about the phenomanel play "CATS" and all its characters!

purrs and kisses,

>^..^< LiL Bombalurina >^..^<

Sorry everyone updates will have to wait for a while! I'm very busy with other things right now. But that does not mean that my site is ever going to be taken down. CATS is now and forever! If you still want to e-mail me about anything, that's fine. It's just I don't have enough time at the moment to update anything major.

COMING SOON: Video cast pictures, info, obsession quiz, and cats greeting cards!


Oh, and for anyone out there who has AOL Instant Messanger and would like to talk to me personally, my screen name is LIL Bombalurina. >^..^<

This site is under constant construction, it is improving all the time.

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You may take any of my pics except for my awards and badges. But if you are going to put my pics on your site please give me credit,

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I do not own "CATS" or have written any part of the musical "CATS"(I only wish). "CATS" is property of Andrew Lloyd Webber, ŠThe Really Useful Group Ltd., and based on the book by T.S. Eliot. I do not make any profits off this site, my site is made for enjoyment only!