Empress of the Streets

She's the.....
queen who got them deep dreams
She's the....
girl next door from them street scenes
She's the.....
girl who has stolen my heart
and she's the same girl that holds my heart

You call them thngs lips I call them thangs weapons
enticing curves to show you a slice of Heaven
obsession on two legs she's one of a kind
there's something about her that webster can't define
it's that crazy plus you know she's that lady
that'll be there for you and no you couldn't pay me
to say she wasn't true the things she would do
just to make you smile and be there wit you
understand you won't find another girl
that'll treat her man like he was her whole world
and that's just how it works I won't ever doubt her words
I forever put her first for better or for worse

Mistress of the Mic, kisses take flight
to good to be true not to do it right
it's you and me tonight, from here to forever
me and you baby girl, no one can do it betta
that's the truth, in which I speak
it's me and my girl each and ever week
it's all for us every time I breathe
a future for us is what I believe

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