Who Made this?


Mr. Mista

Who is  the Empress?
Royal Passions
Hot Spotz
Da G-Spot
Who Made this?
     This is yo' local Ghetto Technitian.  Blasia's webmaster. If you need a site holla me.  Mrmista@2one.cjb.net I do it all.  Whatever you need.  Holla at a brother

Werd to Odelia.  I reallyy love you girl.  I did this all you.  My heart is written into these pages.  And I give these pages to you.  Don't worry about anything.  Marcus Got yo' back


One Love

  Yo, I got much love for Blasia.  That's my girl.  I got her back.  Anything she need I'm right there with her.  I can't say it enough, that's my girl. 

Callin all rappers.

Need Beats?  Mr. Mista Got yo' back.  Hip hop to the fullest.  Hotness, I got this lock sense the GOD first took his time to drop us some Prophets.  If you intersted in a new sound and a hot young producer to kick it wit.  Holla at me.


I can write a song about anything.  I've been writing sinse I was eight.  Seriously.  Just tell me what kinda song you need and I got you.  Also I compose instrumentals.  So, songwise, whatever you need holla at me. 
That's about it for now. If you want more Mista, go to http://mrmista.cjb.net .  See ya thurr.
email to webmaster mrmista@2one.cjb.net 
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