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bulletAcoustic Emotions -

I love to vibe to tunes that penetrate thru my mind.  A song is a tool to my werk. I need to listen to music. It make my hearts pump creative juices. i love to be in sync with my lyrical lifestyle
u feel me?

i need to hear, live and breathe music
i am music
i am whu i create and pay attention to
music is the love of my life

bulletHIp Hop -

the epitome of the streets
my lyrical bible
this makes me live on
make my heart sings
the voice of the people
i live and die for this game
i need hip hop
it's bigger than hip hop
it's expressions and voices
i ride to it
i dance to it
"spit for the love it"
bulletAsian Heritage -

 the diverse life of a artistic nature
 the food, the contry the
 oh boy
 i have a fetish for slanted eyes
 i posess sum chinky eyes
 and i rock them well
 so asia has gave this werld so much
 i mean clothes, toys and so many electronical devices
 "God bless China"
 my ancestry comes from this place
 i have learned so much about it
 i really love and am connected to the history of asia
 at least im studying it
 so mad props to china and the whole asian community

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