Who is  the Empress?


Who is  the Empress?
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Empress of the Streets.....

     Thou Has Descended Into The Domains Of The "Empress Of The Streets". Welcome to the woman, the life and The Art of Blasia  I would like to Introduce the RHYME and REASON of an Intellectual ghettofied princess that graces  the streets of BROOKLYN, NEW YORK  I Believe in the Creator GOD.  He has made me who I am today, thanx to all my family, friends and love(s) of my life  Who have supported Me and been by my side thru thick and thin

who am I?

     Well first you gotta understand my name!  Blasia is from the fact I'm Chinese and Black  (obviously)  But my actual name is Hebrew "The Land of all Time" has brought forth such a wonderful specimen  Her name be Odelia  "Odelia" meaning in Hebrew :"I Will Praise GOD"


 am whut you made me to become. 

I belong to the city. 

i belong to the streets 

The streets are watching

the streets are mine
street dreams are made of these!!!


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