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When you can have a HEXAGON Hi-Energy Structured Water System right in the comfort of your house.

The Hexagon Hi-Energy Structured Water System is a comprehesive water treatment system based on extensive water research.  It not only filters away all harmful contaminants, but goes that one step further to reproduce all the sparkling qualities of living water.

For more information, please click:

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Or call 09203493123 e-mail:

For your Living Water needs, please contact:                         

Architect Hans C. Haber @ National Hi-way, Brgy. San Vicente, Pili, Camarines Sur. Tel. No. (54)3611271  Mobile Phone No. 09202883934



There's place in Bicol that we hold dear,

Land of beauty and laughter and song. 

Where stand our Mount Mayon, the peerless

Oh inspiring majestic grand

It's a place where skies are bluer

This is Albay our own dear land.

Thy name will cherish always

No matter where we'll be

Thy sons shall stand by the united

Forever loyal to thee....


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Suggested Retail Price: Php 15,200.00

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