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BHS Performing Arts

Les Miserables - School Edition

If you would like to order pictures from the Les Miserable - School Edition production, please click on "Order Form" below. Mail order forms to:
Candice Tetmeyer
162 Short Beach Road
Branford, CT 06405
or email orders to:
Checks should be made out to BHS and mailed to the above address. Photos will be mailed to you. Thank you for supporting the BHS Performing Arts Musicals.


Epilogue-Prisoner 24601

H Roll Barricade

I Roll Brothel-Young Cosette

J Roll
Master of the House

K Roll ABC-Marius & Cosette

L Roll Barricade-ABC

M Roll
Wedding-Javert-Turning-Marius & Cosette

N Roll ValJean's Death-Last Scene

O Roll
Backstage & Offstage

P Roll
Wedding Dancers-Sailors-Backstage-C & R

Q Roll
Marius & Cosette-Master of the House-Crew

R Roll
Wedding Dancers-Prostitutes

S Roll
Cast & Crew

T Roll

U Roll Offstage-Pit-C&R

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