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"..filled with boredom and a little of urine,."

selected songs written and recorded by
the barco project sometime in history at the
74422 recording studio and also at marco's house.
.. enjoy.. brian.
marco is in toronto, give him a call
and ask him broad questions.. he's got a new phone number but i forget what it is, he'll give it to me, i'll let you know, you can use the magnificent and wondrous powers of your mind to operate your 'telephone' in a manner that concludes in a conversation between marco and yourself at a later date, he will tell you about the future and about your insecurities,
in a loving way.

mashed potatoes
lord gary
confused duck family
the authorities
spiney scissors
generic bus
careful tidings
happy birthday bizarrely
lava house scary
blind rabbit

((the barco project second))

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