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The Followers

To become such a follower, there are a few realizations you must make to achieve enlightenment and become an official part of the "Hilary Collective"

  1. There is no possible way you can be more beautiful then the goddess Hilary.
  2. Hilary's butt is so amazing you must not look upon it, for it will turn you to stone (Dalai Ryan is excluded for he is the high priest and the goddesses right hand man).
  3. You Cannot Love Hilary More the the high Priest Dalai Ryan does. If you do, get lost.
  4. Her Eyes are deep and you might get caught in them. But.... do not resist their beauty.
  5. Her smile brings a glow about her and the whole room. Cherish this. It is why the world goes round. People continue living because of her enchanting smile.
  6. She can beat you at any board game imaginable. Don't bother even attempting to play her. She's the best.