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Well Well Hilary! We had our first Christmas together. And as a matter of fact, it's Dalai Ryn's best ever. I believe you also said it was your best ever, maybe so, but there's great Christmas' to come I'm sure of it!

Down Below I have collected a couple pictures of our lovely gifts to each other and some other funny stuff. I hope you love it, and I hope you Loved Christmas. Spending the Eve with you was awesome. I Love you.

Remember Watching Charlie and the Gang with your Family? And you kept paying attention to the movie more then This!!!

Look at that awesome gift! All for the goddess! (Hilary you totally Won the first game, no questions asked).

How Bout this little guy? He Better be in your locker when school starts again!

I thought I'd just throw that in there for the fun of it, mostly cause Hilary loves fun!

One last thing to add... This is the Slickest Picture I have ever seen. Totally Me and Hilary. What a Babe!

I wish I had more Pictures of this Awesome Awesome stuff, but I don't. We still Have our Memories though. We Always Will.