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My Virtual Photo Album

Welcome to my online photo album.

This is me

I'm not great, but I'm not terrible. I'm a plain jane. Like to wear black. And the outfit I'm wearing in the pic is my favorite outfit. Black shirt, white tank top, jean skirt, and black knee high boots. That's me, have to be the odd one.


This is my baby girl. She's the sweetest puppy although she gets in trouble a lot. She's a normal puppy, gets into everything, especially toilet paper, she loves that. I miss her because I only get to see her on the weekends when I go home from college.

Me and My Blue Hair

Yes, that is my real hair. I actually had blue hair. I loved it, but my mom made me dye it to a more normal color after three days. My goal was to have blue hair for gradaution, but because of mom, I had "normal" hair. Oh well...can't win em all.