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Become An Ann Summers Organiser

Benefits of Being an Organiser

* Receive a kit worth £375 and pay just £2.50 per week rental for 32 weeks or until you have made payments to Ann Summers of £1000

* Your parcels are delivered TO YOU DOOR and best of all, delivery is ABSOLUTELY FREE

* Discount of 23% on everything you sell at a party. E.g.…£100 of sales at a party earns you £23 for approximately two hours work.

* Discount of 30% on anything you purchase from the company for yourself or catalogue sales.

* Flexible hours and days to suit YOU.

* Hostess gifts offered to party organisers at special prices.

* Company competitions with brilliant prizes – Hi-Fi equipment; computers; holidays; vouchers. The list is endless.

* Prizes and recognition given for achievements.

* Limited paperwork.

* Your own Unit Organiser who will train and look after you.

* The chance to meet LOTS of new people.

* A break form the home; children; husband etc.

* The chance to progress into management and achieve a company car.

In other words…. A rewarding, fun filled job that fits in with family and other commitments, with plenty of rewards and opportunities!

Your Questions Answered

How do I get my parties?

Start by making a list of every female aged over 18years old that you know (Follow the recipe for FRAN: 5 Friends; 5 Relatives; 5 Acquaintances and 5 Neighbours to get you started.) Talk Ann Summers everywhere you go, women enjoy the idea of a fun filled girls night in! You will be provided with full training to help you build your business.

How many parties do I have to hold?

You decide, this is YOUR business. The more parties you hold the more money you will earn, but the beauty of this business, is that it is totally flexible, and designed to fit in around your lifestyle.

Do I have to drive a car?

No, some of our most successful party organisers do not have a car; your earnings can easily cover traveling costs. If you do drive however, Brilliant! You can cover a much larger area.

How much does it cost to get started?

Nothing! You pay out no money upfront what so ever! When you start your career with us you will receive a basic starter kit valued at approximately £375, which the company will loan to you. You will be charged a rental fee of £2.50 per week for 32 weeks or until you have banked £1000 into your Ann Summers account. (This normally takes around 8 weeks)

How much will I earn?

Approximately 23% on all confirmed party sales. So in every £100 worth of product sold you will earn £23

How much personal discount will I receive?

You will receive a 30% discount on anything you order personally.

What if my partner doesn’t like the idea of me working for Ann Summers?

Most partners think it’s absolutely fantastic. It fits in perfectly with your family life as you work when you want to. On the nights you decide to work your partner is usually around to look after the children, and save you babysitting/child-minding costs. Also, he will know that you are nice and safe, as you are having a girly night in with lots of other ladies. The added bonus is that you get to buy lots of lovely lingerie at 30% discount to tease him with!!

Do I have to report to anyone?

Yes, you have to telephone your Unit Organiser once a week to go over your sales figures and your party line up for the next six weeks. She will also be able to help you with any queries you may have.

Do I have to attend lots of meetings?

Once a month you will have to attend a Unit meeting along with the other girls in your team. These are fun and very informative. You will be able to swap ideas and advice. This is where you will receive recognition awards and prizes you may have achieved.

What sort of prizes can I win?

Anything from small prizes through to electrical goods; jewellery and exotic holidays. The company regularly has competitions running for prizes such as these, and there are also competitions set by your Unit Organiser. You will also be awarded bars for your Ladder of Success as you progress in your career with us.

Could I become a Unit Organiser?

Yes, Everyone at Ann Summers starts in exactly the same way, with the same opportunities, and it is up to you how far you take it. If you would like to further your career and go into management, you will need six working team members and good personal banking and sales figures. Once you have achieved this and completed the management-training course, you will be on your way!

How do I get started?

Simply mail me your Name, address and telephone number and I will call you for an informal chat.

Mail Me



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