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m u l t i m e d i a :   r e a l   v i d e o

Michael Jackson "In The Closet" Live
   In Manila, Phillippines
   (Length 1 minute and 25 Seconds).

    Download clip [855 KB]

MSG concert

The Best Performance of
   Michael Jacksons The Way You Make Me Feel
   at The Grammy Awards 1988 when he was only 29 years of age.

    Download clip [1.75MB]

MSG concert

Michael Jackson's "Black or White" Live
   In Manila, Phillippines
   (Length = 4 minutes 20 Seconds).

    Download clip [2.45MB]

MSG concert

Michael Jacksons "Blood on The Dance Floor" Live
   in Bayern Munich, Germany
   (Length = 4 Minutes 35 Seconds).

    Download clip [2.7MB]

MSG concert

They Dont Really Care About Us VIdeo CLip
   This is the version of that clip
   That was censored in Europe due to some violence scenes.

    Download clip [2.7MB]

MSG concert

"2 Bad" Video Clip from the movie GHOSTS
   2 Bad Dance Part!
   Really Cool , a very Rare Video to be found on the Net.(Length = 3 minutes and 31 seconds)

    Download clip [2.08MB]

MSG concert

You Rock My World Video 15 Minutes Video Clip
   Chris Tucker and Michael Jackson
   Team up in this 15 minutes Video Clip

    Download clip [0.06 MB]

MSG concert

Michael Jackson's Scream Live
   in Manila
   at Philippines for 2 minutes 56 Seconds Length.

    Download clip [1.75MB]

MSG concert

The Best Performance of
   Michael Jacksons Billie Jean
   at MoTown.

    Download clip [2.95MB]

MSG concert

30th Anniversary Concert clip
   News report from Norwegian TV about the first concert
   at Madison Square Garden, New York on 7 Sep 2001.

    Download clip [1.45MB]

MSG concert

Alpha Bits commercial
   Jackson 5 commercial for 'Alpha Bits' cereals.

    Download clip [257KB]
Alpha Bits

Michael in Oslo, Norway
   NRK newsreport from Michael´s HIStory concert
   in Oslo, Norway on August 19th 1997.

    Download clip [1.18MB]

MJ in Oslo

Say Say Say
   Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson! Really great
   and fun music video! A definite must-see!

    Download clip [2.60MB]

Say Say Say

   Eddie Murphy & Michael Jackson!
   Rarely shown music video!

    Download clip [1.82MB]


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