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Lilith's New Friends


Lilith has many friends. There is:

  • Alice who ate apples and
  • Bobby who bats baseballs
  • Franco who wants to be a the fireman, and
  • Carla who likes candy.

Lilith likes lilacs, lillies, and lemons. Her favorite musical instrument is the lute.

Alice likes alligators, apples, airplanes, and apricots. Her favorite musical instrument is an accordian.

Bobby likes baseball, bananas, bagels, and beautiful, bright, big, bean bags. His favorite musical instrument is the bongos.

Franco likes fire engines, football, fiction, and free fudge. His favorite musical instrument is the flute.

Carla likes cookies, candy, cake, and carrots. Her favorite musical instrument is the clarinet.

A Knock on the Door

The sun is shining. It is a bright, sunny, spring Saturday morning. Lilith likes Saturdays. The sun shines and flowers begin to grow.

Saturdays begin with crunchy cereal. After her big breakfast, it is time for comical cartoons.

Lilith likes cartoons. She laughs! She listens to the ridiculous riddles and the silly stories. She laughs and laughs and laughs!

"Knock Knock Knock!"

"Who is it?" asks Lilith.

"Knock Knock Knock!"

"Who is it?" Lilith asks again.

No answer.

"Knock Knock Knock!"

Lilith walks to the door. "Who is it?"

No answer.

She opens the door. Nobody is there.

She is ready to close the door then she hears, "Knock Knock Knock!".

She looks down at her feet. Next to her fluffy, banana yellow, soft slippers is a bright, beautiful, gorgeous, green drum.

"Somebody is playing a joke on me." thinks Lilith.

"Knock Knock Knock!"

"The door is open and I'm the only person here. Who is knocking?"

Lilith looks around. No CD player or tape recorder. Who is making the knocking sound?

She looks down at the porch and sees a drum. It is glowing green, pretty purple, and lemon yellow. She likes musical instruments. She picks up the drum and brings it inside.

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