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Danny the Drum

Danny's Problem

"Hi, my name is Danny. I'm a drum. I make a sound like trum pum pum trum!"

"Wait! If you are a drum, how can you talk?"

"Musical instruments talk all the time. We speak using the lyrical language of music. Today I'm speaking English because I have a problem."

"What is your problem?"

"I'm lost."

"How does a drum get lost?"

"My friends and I, a big beautiful bunch of original orchestral instruments were on the way to a concert. I was daydreaming and got lost."

"Where is the concert?"

"I don't remember. Can you help me?"

"Maybe. I don't know of any current concerts. However if we talk maybe you will remember where your concert is."


About Danny

"I like the drum." says Lilith. "It is one of my favorite instruments."

"It is fun being a drum." replies Danny. "It is easy to get everybody's attention. Unless, I am with my family."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm from a family of drums. At home we make a lot of noise, or music depending on your point of view."

"I have many relatives. I have aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents."

"I have many relatives also. I have two uncles, Benjamin the bongo and Tommy the tom tom. My two aunts are Sally the snare drum and Cindy who is a cymbol."

"That sounds cool! Tell me about them."

"O.K. There are many types of drums."

All drums are struck or slapped. They are struck by some type of stick or with the hand.
Drums are popular throughout the world. They play an important role in Latin music, Asian music, African, and American music.