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Yes, it's probably the most cliched celebrity game out there, thank you Kevin Bacon, but, c'mon, you know you'd love to see how many degrees there really are between you and Rupert Holmes. So, recall those days of yesteryear when you had hours to watch television and you went to the movies every weekend, and prepare yourselves to play:

All right, this is how it works. Take the person I name and, within six degrees (or six people, if you call them that) connect them with Rupert Holmes. Here's a simple one for you as practice:

Gregg Edelman

This one's simple. Gregg Edelman is Carolee Carmello's husband (and co-star on more than one occasion). Carolee Carmello played Maple LaMarsh on Remember WENN written by..da da da...(if you don't know this leave now) RUPERT HOLMES.

Get it? Got it? Good. Now, onto the game! And be warned- the lower you get, the harder they are. The link to the answer page is at the bottom; DON'T CHEAT, or Miss Cosgrave will make you weep.

Kelli Martin

Willie Aames

Judd Nelson

Gerald Ford

Hector Elizondo

Eva Marie Saint

Janet Leigh

Papa John McKenzie

Corey Feldman

if you can handle it...Betty Grable

Well, by now you either want to kiss me or kill me, so I suppose I should show you the answers....