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And The Answers Are:

Kelli Martin

starred in the television series Life Goes On with Patti LuPone, a.k.a. Grace Cavendish, who sang the title song to Remember WENN, written by Rupert Holmes himself, on the show. Easy!

Willie Aames

starred in the television series Eight is Enough with Betty Buckley, the infamous Gloria Redmond, owner of GLOBE Enterprises. You know, that company that used to own WENN. Another simple one.

Judd Nelson

starred in The Breakfast Club with Molly Ringwald, who played Angela Colton, the blind fan of The Vagabond on Remember WENN.

Gerald Ford

This might be a bit of a toughie, unless you knew that Melinda Mullins (Hilary Booth) did the narrations for the Gerald Ford Museum.

Hector Elizondo

played alongside Mandy Patinkin in Chicago Hope. Mandy co-starred with Patti LuPone, of Grace Cavendish fame, in Evita on Broadway.

Eva Marie Saint

starred with Paul Newman in Exodus, who starred with Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, who starred with Barbara Streisand in The Way We Were, who recorded Lazy Afternoon with Rupert as producer.

Janet Leigh

was married to Tony Curtis who starred with Jack Lemmon in AFI's number one comedy movie of the century, Some Like it Hot. Jack Lemmon went on to star in The Odd Couple with Walter Matthau, who played Mr. Wilson in Dennis the Menace which Melinda Mullins, of Hilary Booth fame, happened to play in.

Papa John Phillips

fathered Mackenzie Phillips, who played in the Lucas classic American Graffitti alongside Harrison Ford, who starred in Mosquito Coast, in which Jason Alexander happened to have a bit part. Jason Alexander, among other projects with Rupert, played magician Alan Ballinger on Remember WENN.

Corey Feldman

starred in Goonies with Martha Plimpton, who later played in I'm Not Rappaport with Amy Irving, who starred in Crossing Delancy opposite John Bedford "I'm Victor Comstock" Lloyd.

Betty Grable

This one isn't as hard as you may think. Here goes: Betty Grable starred in Moon Over Miami (excellent film by the way) with Robert Cummings, who played in the film Tell it to the Judge (WENN fans'll get a kick out of that one) with Rosalind Russell, who starred in Auntie Mame with Peggy Cass who guest-starred as Mrs. Sweet on Remember WENN.

Now, try for Kevin Bacon. ;)