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So, what can you do to get Rupert elected, you ask? Below are a few ideas to get you started; have more? Just send them to and they'll be posted to the page, accredited appropriately, of course.

Print out the campaign posters found in the frame to your left! Just click and the poster will open in a separate window; they show up great in colour or black and white and make quite the nifty wall decoration, especially in those crowded student-centers, movie or theatre lobbies. Pass them out to your friends, relatives, the random man on the corner- get the message out! In other words, Ralph Nader, eat your heart out.

If you have a webpage, use the banner above to link your page to this one. Just save the banner to your drive, upload it to your site, and use the html tags below:

<center><a href=""><IMG SRC=""></a></center>

Obviously where it says "" you need to replace the actual url of your site. But you were intelligent enough to come here, so you must know that already.