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Be Mine...

By Stormy

Please say you'll be mine... I may be small but that doesnt matter! I love you, and I would give my life for you! Your voice is like many angels singing! You have the voice of an angel, please be mine! I love you and I would take care of you. I would never leave you. You are my morning star... A beautiful rose that can not be given to just anybody. I may be a good pouncer, and flexable but I am nothing compared to you! When you tell me you love another and you want me to tell him I dont know what to do... I want you to be happy so I go to him. I tell him what you ask me, but he says he loves someone else. How am I supposed to tell you that he doesnt want you? I go silently up to you. You're beautiful eyes look deep into mine. "He says he loves someone else... I'm sorry." I look away from you and I hear you sigh. "I should have known he wouldnt want me." You reply. I look at you in the eyes, and you break down. I can not believe he has made you cry! As you fall to your knees sobbing a quickly sit down and pull you onto my lap. I rock you back and forth trying to calm you. "Shh..." I say softly. I kiss your forehead without thinking. You look up at me, your green eyes looking deep into my blue eyes. After a moment you lay your head on my shoulder. I am your shoulder to lean on. I will always be there for you. I want you to be mine. I wont let anything happen to you if you were mine...I could protect you better. I tighten my arms around you and I hear you purr softly. I take a deep breath. "I love you Jemima. I always have... Be mine." As you look into my eyes all you see in my eyes are love and hope. "I love you too, Pounci. I am yours, now and forever." I kiss you. You are mine and I am yours.