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Why Her, Not Me?

By Stormy

He doesnt see me sitting here in the shadows. He doesnt care. Why should he? What does he see in her? What does she have that I dont? Sure she's pretty and has a nice voice, but my voice isnt that bad and I am cute. But cute isnt the same as pretty. But why her not me? I can dance pretty well! Oh, but she's a wonderful dancer.She can have any tom she wants, why does she want the one I love? He can have me, all he has to do is ask. But he wants her, not me. I have tried so hard for him to notice me! I even try to act like her, but all I get are curious glances. My sister has it all: Beauty, grace, agility, Brains... What do I have? Curiousity and the love for a tom is known to break hearts. I wish he would break her heart. He loves her, not me. Why does he love her, not me?! Cant I just have one thing I want?! I want him! He loves Bombalurina, not me. My love, Rum Tum Tugger, why dont you see me? I am alive too! Poor little Etcetera cant have anything she wants. Beauty, Brains, Agility, her love, but she cant have any of it. I watch as he puts a paw around her. He loves her, not me. Why her, not me?