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Daddy's Girl

I am Etcetera. As you can tell by my fur I am the daughter of Jellylorum. But do you know who my dad is? He is Munkustrap. No no!! Donít get grossed out! My mother is actually very young. She isnít as old as she looks! She is a very late young adult while my father is a young adult. My mom is very pretty. Now, I am a daddyís girl. I bet ya wondering ĎEtcetera, why would Jellylorum and Munkustrap fall in love?í Well it was just a moment of passion really. My father now loves Demeter, while my mom likes Asparagus. She likes him since he reminds her of her father Gus, but his name is actually Asparagus. Now why am I a daddyís girl?? Here is the story on how I became a daddyís girl.

"WAIT!!" I exclaim to my best friend Electra. Electra just laughed and ran ahead of me. Darn her!! Now my father Munkustrap has been ashamed on what I am. Well, maybe not ashamed, but he doesnít care about me. I know. He just sits on his tire and watch over us, stealing a couple licks from Demeter thatís all. I look over to them. Demeter smiles at me while Munkustrap glares at me. My ears droop down and I walk out of the junkyard.

I walked down the street and looked around. Hmmm, where could Electra be? She said she had a surprise for me, but what was it. I looked behind me and noticed Munkustrap. Must be going home. I make my way into an alley and looks around. Just then I heard a growl. I spin around. I give a hiss. Who was there? Next I heard a hiss. Just then something pounced on me. I feel claws rip my fur and I give out a scream. Blood ran down my side as the stray cat threw me against the cold brick wall. I felt the shadow of the cat and I closed my eyes. Just then I heard a thump. I open my eyes and noticed the stray cat on the ground, blood coming from its neck.

"Donít mess with my daughter." hissed Munkustrap. I look over to Munkustrap. He gave me a warm smile. "Common Etcetera, lets get you home to Jellylorum." he said and helped me up. The way he said my motherís name was the way he said Demeterís name. Maybe he still loves my mother.

"ETCETERA!!" shouted my mother. She hugged me and looked at Munkustrap. She blushed at the look he gave her. I smiled. "Thank you Munkustrap." she said and hassled me away. I looked back and smiled at Munkustrap. He smiled back at me.

That night we all gathered around. That night was Victoriaís birthday; she was finally a teen. She was now as old as her soon to be mate Mistoffelees. Misto gave Vicki a lick on the cheek. I sighed. All my friends had another Jellicle they are gonna mate but I do not. I notice out of the corner of my eye, my mom and dad. They were sitting next to each other for the first time in a while. My mom had her head on my dadís shoulder. I smile. I noticed Demeter gone. I wonder where she went. Plato came up and nuzzled my cheek. I looked at him with a confused look but he did it again. I smiled. I looked over to my dad and he smiled at Plato and me. I noticed my mom with her eyes closed.

My mom and dad got back together after that night, Plato became my mate to be. We donít know what happened to Demeter, but after a month she came back. She said she was going to stay with Macavity because she loved him. She said she wanted Jemima to stay here with us, since she didnít want Acidity to know he had a daughter. And that is the end of my tale. My father had died the other day against a pollicle. My mother is very sad. I had two kittens yesterday. One girl and one boy. The girl looks like me and the boy has my stripes but his fatherís colors. I have named the girl Jelly, after my mom, and the boy Munkustrap. I look at my fatherís grave and I sit tall. I will be strong, like he was. Because I am a daddyís girl.