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I'm Me, Why Can't You See?

By Stormy

I'm me, why cant you see? Is it because I'm so quiet? Is it because I'm shy? What makes me who I am is because of me. You look over me because I am a kitten, is that a good reason? I think not! I'm not hyper like Etcetera, I'm not pretty like Victoria, I'm not as curious and interested in things like Jemima. I'm just there. I'm just Electra... Nothing special, just...there. I am often overlooked by everyone, being brown and black. I'm Jemima's sister, you wouldnt realize that would you? That plain old quiet Electra is the inquizitive Jemima's sister. My mother often doesnt realize when I leave, she's too preoccupied with knitting or watching the mice. I hang out with Etcetera, Victoria and Jemima, but also with Pouncival and Tumblebrutus. I have the biggest crush on Tumblebrutus... But he doesnt know that. Why would he? My mother tries to make me into the next "Gumbie Cat" but I dont want to be like her. I want to be like me. I'm me, why cant they see? You now see that I am me, but they dont. They just see a quiet, shy kitten. I'll show them one day that I'm more then they think I am. That I am me! Because that's who I am. I'm not my mother, I'm not my father, Jemima, Etcetera, Victoria or anyone else. I'm me. I'm Electra and they'll have to live with that. I sure can. I'm going over to Tumble right now to tell him how I feel. "Hi, Tumble.." I start out. Tumble just smiles and says, "Hi, Ele." I am at a loss of words... "I-I-...I mean... I-I...I really like you Tumble." There I have said it! He just smiled. "You're really nice too." I sighs. He thinks that I just like him as a friend. "No...Tumble...I really *like* you!" I start blushing madly. I can not believe I said that! That's not my nature... He seemed to understand, because he was really blushing. But he didnt say anything. Instead he put a paw around me and we looked up at the Jellicle Moon. I knew then he liked me too. I am me, and he did see. Now I'm not alone anymore.