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Hi! Here's the Adopt-A-Fic section, as you probably guessed by the title... Oh, well. Anyway, this section works on the same principle as an animal shelter, only for fanfics online. This is how it works:

First, someone sends me a fanfic that doesn't have a home on a webpage.

Second, I put that fanfic up on this page.

Third, some cat with a fanfic library that needs filling surfs on in and sees your fanfic. Then they e-mail me and e-mail the author. (Be sure to include the URL to your site!) If the author decides he/she wants to let you use the fic on your site, then I will take the fic down off of my site and you can put it on yours.

Unfortunately, I don't have any fics in this section right now! So, check back later.