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Guess what?!?!? I got the script for Over Here! from Samuel French, INC. for only $7.00! Well. My uncle bought it for me. After recieved my script, I e-mailed Samuel and asked if I can post the script online...Here is what they said:(In my letter at the not laugh at my spelling!

Re: A Play in your selection
Date: 6/20/2000 2:50:17 PM Pacific Daylight
From: (samuel french, inc.)

Dear Mr. Rosenthal,

Thank you for your inquiry and comments. We are please that you like the show, but cannot authorize posting the text to the internet. It is strictly forbidden by the owners. You are free to comment on the show, and to advise where copies may be obtained, of course.

Differences you detect between published editions and recorded performances are usually the result of accommodations made for Broadway and with the full participation of the owners.

>Dear Samuel French Inc.
>My uncle resenly order a copy of a script from
your cataloge...Over
>Here!...and I appsulutly love that play...I saw
it at my community theatre
>and saw it for times and fell in love with
it...The play isnt very 'well
>known'...but it should be...So I was thinking
that maybe, can I please put a
>copy of the script on my Over Here! webpage (and
refer to you guys), so other
>theatres can look at the script and decide if
it's a good show for their
>theatre....and maybe broadway would put it back
on! I would really go to it
>when I get the chance...I have the soundtrack and
now the script...It says in
>the script "No one shall make any changes in this
play for the purpose of
>production." Does that mean you can't change
anything? If so, on the
>soundtrack, unless I heard incorrectly, there are
songs where some the
>singing words are actually written differently.
And there are charactors in
>the show that are mentioned in the cast list and
in the part where "SARGE"
>takes roll call, he doesn't call off Misfit.
Isn't he a soldier? Well, please
>email me back and tell me if i am allowed to copy
the script onto my webpage.
>Sincerly craig Rosenthal

All abored!!!! Oh, you're right here.Welcome. Are you Miss Donna Mae Everly? Or Are you Lucky? or are you Bill or Utah? Well, than who are you?

So,How are you? You ok? That's good. Well, since your not any of those people I mentioned let me tell you about them:

Lucky: A Draftee
Utah: A Draftee
Donna: A patriotic waitress
Mother: A paitriotic mother
Father: A patriotic father
Maggie: A passenger
Misfit: A Draftee
Mitzi: A Nazi Spy
Bill: A Draftee
June: A stowaway still in her prom dress
Make-out: A Draftee
Rankin: A Businessman
Sarge: Think!!!
And.... The two DePauls!!!!
also....-How'd u get in there?

Waves|Cast|Index|The Lyrics*|Over Here! at Theatre**
*Download some lyrics of the songs.
**Take a look at Streetsboro Community Theatre's webpage. They did the show Over Here! That's where I first saw it.

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