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On our final Sunday between the two shows,
the cast and crew had a barbeque.
This is a small collage of some
pictures taken that afternoon.

Pictured above left to right starting at top.
1.Eric Athen (Lights) 2.Tony Viglione & Stuart Goldstone (Bible Belt) 3.Anglea Klecker & Melissa Cruz (Running Crew, etc.)
4. James Waltz (Deep South), Douglas Lisenbee (Great Plains)& Stuart Goldstone (Bible Belt). 5. Randolph Hadaway (Texas) enjoys Diet Coke. 6.Douglas Lisenbee (Great Plains).
7.Karl Jennings 8. Brian Jacobs (Industrial Northeast) 9. Randolph Hadaway (Texas) enjoys cake too.
10.Tony Viglione & Brian Jacobs (Industrial Northeast) 11. Stuart Goldstone (Bible Belt) & James Waltz (Deep South)

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