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Fleetwood Mac Demos and Outtakes

Fleetwood Mac Demos and Outtakes

Fritz Demos 1CD quality varies (not really Fritz demos, early BuckinghamNicks) When Will We Love Again, See The World Go By, I Need You, Anybody Out There, Amber, Stay Away

Buckingham Nicks CoffeePlant Demos A Without You, Nomad, Designs of Love, Garbo, sorcerer, Cathouse Blue, GoldFish and Ladybug, Without You #2, Nomad #2, Designs of Love #2, garbo #2, Carhouse Blues #2, Goldfish and Ladybug #2

"Missing Links" Demos, Outtakes & Live Songs 3CD quality varies Disc 1 1. Monday Morning (Live Studio Demo) 2. Say You Love Me (Live Studio Demo) 3. Warm Ways (Live Studio Demo),4. Second Hand News (Demo),5. Oh Daddy (Take #1) 6. Silver Springs (Demo) 7. Songbird (Alt. Demo w/Guitar) 8. Dreams (Demo),9. Watchdevil (Tusk Demo),10. Beauty And The Beast (Blues Demo),11. Walk A Thin Line (Acoustic Demo),12. Sisters Of The Moon (Demo),13. Sara (Alt. Version) 14. I Know I'm Not Wrong (Demo) 15. Take A Little Time (Unreleased Song) Disc 2 1. Think About Me (Tusk Demo) 2. Angel (Rehearsal) 3. Save Me A Place (Live Studio Demo) 4. Sara (Rare Live Instrumental) 5. The Highwayman (Demo) 6. Think About It (Demo) 7. Trouble (Rehearsal) 8. Wish You Were Here (Rehearsal) 9. Gypsy (Demo) 10. Eyes Of The World (Demo) 11. If You Were My Love (Demo) 12. I've Been Loving You Too Long 13. The Chain (Rehearsal) 14. Got A Hold On Me (Live) 15. The Witch (Demo) 16. China Doll (Demo) Disc 3 1. Talk To Me (Alt. Demo) 2. Juliet (Tango Outtake) 3. Isn't It Midnight (Demo) 4. When I See You Again (Alt. Version) 5. Big Love (Demo) 6. Seven Wonders (Live 87) 7. Little Lies (Live 87) 8. Stop Messing Around (Live) 9. Hard Feelings (Alt. Version) 10. Affairs Of The Heart (Alt. Version) 11. Dreaming The Dream 12. Maybe Love (Alt. Version) 13. Silver Springs (Live 97)

Uncirculated Rumours 2 CD slight hiss throughout, sounds like a record Volume 1: Castaway #1, Silver Springs, Rhiannon, Mistaken Love, Rhiannon #2, Mistaken Love #2, Sara, Sleeping Angel, Castaway #2 Volume 2: Forest of the Black Roses #1, Forest of the Black Roses #2, Blue Water, Think About it, If You Ever Did Believe, Smile at You, Leather and Lace, Julia, Three Birds of Rhiannon

Rumours Run Ramped, Rumours outtakes and demos

Rumours Remixes Quality A+ The complete Rumours album, including Silver Springs, completely remixed from the original studio masters. Includes some vocal and instrumental parts not used in the original mixes. The quality is pristine digital audio.

Rumours Center Channel Mixes A+ quality All the songs from the Rumours album, including Silver Springs. Very different mixes from the original studio masters. Focus on vocals. Gold Dust Woman sounds amazingÖ.very cool CD!

Fleetwood Mac-1979 Tusk Demos-"Lindsey's Songs" Mostly 1.Instrumental (aka "Song 7"-July 10,1979),2.Instrumental (aka "Song 8"-July 10,1979),3.Farmer's Daughter (April 14,1980),4.Tusk (Rough No Vocals-Jan.29,1979),5.Tusk (July 18,1979),6.That's Enough For Me ,7.Walk A Thin Line ,8.Lindsey Demo #1,9.Lindsey Demo #2 ,10.Lindsey Demo #3 ,11.Lindsey Demo #4 ,12.I Know I'm Not Wrong ,13.I Know I'm Not Wrong #2 ,14.The Dealer ,15.Sara ,16.Beauty And The Beast ,17.Joan Of Arc (March 9,1986) ,18.The Nightmare (March 9,1986) ,19.Storms (Dec.1,1979)

Tusk Outtakes and Demos (All vocals done by Stevie) quality A/A+ Angel (rehearsal version), Beautiful Child (demo), Beauty and The Beast (Blues jam demo), The Dealer (rehearsal version), Fireflies (demo), Lady From the Mountain (demo), Sara (cleaning lady version), Sister of the Moon (Pm Edit + extra reverb) Storms (demo with Mick), Angel (alt. Mix) Sisters of the Moon (Christine piano demo), Beautiful Child (Alt. Version), Fireflies (alt. Version) Sisters of the Moon (full version w/extra lyrics)

Tusk Demos/Outtakes; One Disc Sara (This is a mix with an extra layer of Stevie was supposed to be used on the radio),Do You Want to Dance (Studio jam),Dreams (Live from rehearsal),Over and Over (Live from rehearsal),What Makes You Think You're The One (alt version),Angel (Alt version),That's All For Everyone (Instrumental),Sisters of the Moon (Alt Version),Think About Me (Alt version),Beautiful Child (Alt version),Never Forget (Alt version),Save Me A Place (Alt Version),Honey Hi (Alt Version),Go Your Own Way (Live, Atlanta 1980),Sisters of the Moon (Live, Atlanta 1980, great version "Where have the white birds flown?"),Songbird (Live, Atlanta 1980)

Tusk Demos/Outtakes One Disc The Dealer, Walk A Thin Line, Beautiful Child (alt),The Ledge,Think About Me (solo, Chris just by herself),Angel (Tusk doc.),Sisters of the Moon (with extra lyrics),Lady From the Mountain,Sara (Cleaning Lady),Over and Over,I Know I'm Not Wrong (instrumental),Storms,Beauty and the Beast (blues),That's Enough For Me

Mirage Outtakes Quality A Love in Store, Thatís Alright, Blue Monday, Hold Me, Gypsy #1, Eyes of the World, If You Were my Love #1, Wish You Were Here, Smile at You, Straight Back, Canít go Back (instrumental), Oh Diane (instrumental), Book of Love (instrumental), Gypsy #2, If You Were My Love #2

Mirage Outtakes and Demos #2 Stevie Vocals mostly A quality Gypsy, Straight Back, That's Alright, Smile At You, If You Were My Love, Gypsy, Straight Back #2, That's Alright #2, Smile At You #2, Gypsy #2, I've Been Loving You Too Long, Eyes Of The World, Straight Back #3, Gypsy #3, That's Alright #3, Gypsy #4

Demos and Live Comp #1 mostly A quality Book of Miracles, Dreams (Rumours Rehearsal), Fireflies (alt. Mix), Gypsy (dancing alone), Gypsy (Stevie & Lindsey at AHI benefit), Seven Wonders (Dub), When I see You Again (alt. Mix), Designs of Love, Fall From Grace, Friend from Yesterday, Gold and Braid (take 1), Gold Dust Woman (live 77), Kind of Woman, Love Changes, Maker of Birds, Nightbird (SNL 83)

Demos and Live Comp #2 quality varies Planets of the Universe, Have No Heart, Dial the Number, Night Gallery, Storms (acoustic), Silver Springs (demo 77), Silver Springs (demo normal voice), Silver Springs (live 77), At the Fair, Castaway, Rhiannon (Sin City 77), Rhiannon (Midnight Special), Fireflies (demo), Gypsy (drum Machine)

FM Say You Will demos, outtakes, and alternate quality A+ Thrown Down (demo), Thrown Down (TISL outtake), Say You Will (Bonus Track), Peacekeeper (Live bonus track), Smile at You (Mirage outtake version #1) Smile at You (Mirage outtake #2), Running Through The Garden (Rock a Little outtake), Steal Your Heart Away (unreleased Lindsey Buckingham), Bleed to Love Her (Alt. Live), Good Bye Baby (1978 demo), Not Make Believe (TISL outtake), Not Make Believe (bonus track), Love Minus Zero/ No Limit (Bonus Track)

Say You Will Center Channel Mixes quality A+ Whatís the World Coming to, Murrow Turning Over in His Grave, Illume, Thrown Down, Everybody Finds, Miranda, Red Rover, Say You Will, Peacekeeper

SYW Everybody Finds Out A+ 13:24 min. Center Channel Mix, Mono mix left, mono mix right