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I love the music industry and hopefully one day I will be able to entertain people through music as an artist. I want to touch the world and send a positive message to the nation. A message of change. A movement that we will all be in tone with. These are the words of me, Daniel Nelson-Bass.

It's hard for a brother like me to get a job, when I'm in an interview they think I kill and rob, like I'm from the mob, treat me like a slob, so that's why I'm trapping, no I'm going to start rapping and that's how it happened things started cracking, brother be about action, because the black men is who they love to see slacking, we're lacking on education because our occupation is working these streets, at least get a G-E-D I'm going to proceed and go to JCC, Jefferson community college I'm going to honest, I'm trying to get polished because knowledge will have me on point, I still strike a joint, do you get the point, I'm going to stay hood because I'm from the hood I'm too good you couldn't stop me if you could.

My family is the most important thing in my life because no matter what happens to me or what ever I do they always have my back. My family has made me what and who I am today. I will do almost anything to protect my family and help my family even if it comes down to me taking a life. I put my middle finger up to who don't like it.