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The Caesars were formed out of a group called The Five Voices in 1962, a group of five young men attending L'Ouverture Elementary School on St. Louis' south side Compton Hill. Eugene Fisher, Clarence Miller, Luther Moorehead, Richard Little-guitarist, and Archie Johnson, Jr.

The Caesars, one of the most distinctive and vibrant soul R&B groups of all time, are back to create more top hits. The five members of the famous legendary St. Louis group are: George "Noccki" Williams, Archie Johnson, Jr., Clarence Miller, Eugene Fisher, and Lloyd Bush (replaced by Larry "Bush-Wacker" Bush in 1998).

George Williams replaced Luther Moorehead in 1964. George blended his smooth baritone voice with "The Five Voices," changing to second tenor when necessary. George started singing in the recording studio and met a man named, Lee Lanier. Lee became the manager of the group in 1964, and changed their name to, "The Caesars." With Lee Lanier as manager, The Caesars' cut their first hit "GET YOURSELF TOGETHER," in 1967. It was #12 on the National Billboard Charts.

Around 1969 The Caesars disbanded and after 29 years of separation they got back together in 1998.

The Caesars were under the management of Frances Williams, best-known as RAVISH in the music business, CEO of DeTarr Entertainment Groups, Inc. from 2000-2003. Since then the members of the Caesars has continued to sing throughout the years embracing their fans with ballad sounds, and like all great ballads, you will want to hear them over and over again.

The Caesars are presently under the management of themselves, with Archie Johnson, Jr., and Clarence Miller as the contact persons. They are currently singing in many private and concert venues, along with other successful legendary artist's singing R&B/Doo Wop greatest hits.

The following is a short list of their most favorite songs to their credit:

and many more ...


Clarence Miller attended Vashon High School and sang in church at an early age. After high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Army. After training, he was sent to Germany, where he served for two and a half years. While in Germany, he formed a band with four other service men and they performed in the USO clubs throughout Europe. Upon returning to the USA, he formed a street corner Doo Wop group with four other young men, which became the, "Five Voices."

George Williams began singing R&B at the age of 11, expressing his vibrant tones as a member of the group, "Little Richard and the Classmates." They wowed audiences with their fast stepping, tenor pitched harmonies and gimmicky costumes, performing for all ages, even securing performance dates at a popular old St. Louis night spot, "Gas Light Square."  This group worked harmoniously together from 1957 to 1960. In 1960, George joined a more matured group, "Ken Strupp and the Jaquars, where he began belting out the new Rock sounds of the late 50's and early 60's. In1961, he became a valued member of the Soldan High School Boys Glee Club and the school choir where he performed as a member throughout high school. Also during this period he dazzled crowds with the high school group, "The Modernairs.

Eugene Fisher began singing at the age of 10. His uncle, Wilson Woods, a gospel singer better known as the, "Kingdom Seekers" was a major influence on his singing career. Eugene attended many of the group's rehearsals and sang along with them. It was during these rehearsals that he was taught harmony patterns and voice control and gained a love for music and spiritual singing as he followed the Kingdom Seekers on engagements. During his high school career, he began singing with various rock and roll groups and performed on several talent shows. After high school, he entered the Marines and while in the armed services, he formed a group called, "The El Chitans." The El Chitans performed at the staff club and other events hosted by families of the recruits. After returning home, Eugene joined, "The Five Voices", a newly formed singing group, managed by Bernie Hayes, a St. Louis radio personality, for a short time.


Larry Bush began singing early in life also, in the local church choirs along side with his brothers and sisters. When his parents noticed that he was serious about singing, they encouraged him to join the choir in high school and expand his talents. He won in the local talent shows. Years later, Larry Bush, met up with George Williams, who told him the group (The Caesars) was reforming back, and invited Larry to try out for it. He took his advice and was quickly added to, "The Caesars".

Archie Johnson, Jr. began singing at the age of 14. Harmonizing on the street corners, a trade of most famous R&B singers like legendary Bill Davis of the 5th Dimensions. Archie sang bass/baritone with the following groups: The Vel-Rays, The Co-Harts, The DuTones ("Shake A Tail Feather"), The New Blends, and The Caesars (formerly The Five Voices). These groups sang on the same circuit with the legendary Ike & Tina Turner, Charles Drain, The Earls, Albert King, Little Milton Campbell to name a few and background/bass vocals for many groups.

For bookings, or information about performance schedules contact:

Archie Johnson, Jr. (314) 355-7959
Clarence Miller (314) 831-4799
Email Us: The Caesars

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