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The Difference

The Difference (originally Sian) was formed in 2004 by Rudy Parker, Jay Tonkin and Erica Penney.

Rudy (Rudai) Parker - Guitars

Jeremy (Jay) Tonkin - Drums

Erica (Rikki) Penney - Bass Guitar

The three band members where together only for a matter of months and, due to certain circumstances, hardly played at all together as a band before Jay was kicked out. After Jay left, the name Sian was ditched almost immediatly and Erica and Rudy were left without a vocalist or drummer. However, the two continued to jam and changed their name to The Difference in December 2004 - a name which reflects the differences (and often the conflicts of interest) between the remaining band members.

Morning Shine, Oh How Sublime - Living in Your Memory. Don't Forget who You Cnce Were, 'coz What I Got there Ain't no Cure. Have a Rest Girl, Take a Break from Living in a Dead Memory's Wake...

Back in 'Nam, when music was actually good, society was struck by a band named The Who! This, in our opinion, was a great idea, as all over the world, there were so many revolutionary new bands coming out that no-one could recall any of their names so everyone was whipsering 'The Who?'. So it didn't matter whether anyone knew the names of the bands, the words on everyone's lips was 'The Who?'.

Now, the high standards of music have drastically slipped, and bands are becoming increasingly talentless and mainstream since bands like The Who were formed. Where is the soul in your music, people? Now, four decades later, as all the music created by new bands in the rock scene or similar scenes sounds exactly the same, the question regarding the bands/music industry will be 'what's The Difference?'.