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Within the four years of knowing each other, partner Brindin Taylor a.k.a Nytro as well as my self, composed over 1000 instrumentals. Together we make up Suround Sounds production. We are currently working with an artist by the name of Tef, who works with Red Head King Pin. As well as are artist too. We can produce all genres of music. We can also combining them. To make that sound you’re looking for.


In the past four years I’ve put out nine freestyle cds, two promo cds, and my first album. I am currently working on Suround Sounds Presents “Street Shakerz”. Which has a combination of Suround Sound artist. Jonathan Nixon a.k.a “The Movement,” Jamail West a.k.a “Hazard” as well as my self A Dot Trakz and Nytro. I’m also working on my second album.


2003 I was chosen to perform at Living Stone College for or Urban Streetz ENT. Attended the First MTV freestyle battle. I was the Radio One Power 98 freestyle champion. Preformed on the Crowe’s Nest on cable channel 21 with Puerto Rock from Bang Out records. I also did Heat from the street with power 98 in Charlotte, NC.


I bought my first turntables when I was in the 9th grade. I dj local school parties, fashion shows, and gatherings. Moved up to the cd turntables, hotels and clubs in Dallas, Texas. One party had to get shut down due to capacity. All by the time I was 18. I also learn screw music, which was originated in Houston Texas.

Musical Background:

Before I got into Djing, songwriting, or even producing. I was apart of the Fugee Refugee Camp. With Sista Solider, Ras Baraka, and Sean Combs a.k.a P.diddy. Through diddy and Daddy’s House I was on BET with Rachael and R&B artist Lil’ Jerome. I’ve been around music all my life. Before the drum machine and keyboard, I picked up the trumpet in the 5th grade. I was accepted the Rosa Parks School of art. My mother was also apart of the hip-hop movement. With name Magic Lady reppin Zulu, writing and also singing background. I have a style like none other. From being born and raised in New Jersey, to North Carolina to Texas and back to NC I’m serious about my work and will continue to make it happen.