Name: Sanious Balk
Sex: Male
Age: ???
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 230lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Yellow
Nickname: None
Hit Points: 724
Magic Points: 0
Strength: 22
Intelligence: 13
Agillity: 21
Endurance: 19
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 6
Race: Saurian
Profession: Ninja
Alignment: ???
Armor: 98
Level: 1
Quote: "It is a fool's plan to teach a man to be a cur in peace, and think that he will be a lion in war."

History: Sanious has always lived in the town of Bridom, from what he can remember, he doesn't remember much before hand. He has grown up in this city for many years, and probably years to come. The Town of Bridom lies in between two mountains, right in the middle of a trade route, that works for all sorts of supplies for the town. Such as for weapons, armor, and other sorts of things, Sanious never seen any reason for these items, because there is really no other towns surrounding this city, atleast not in travel enough to attack to town for any purpose. Well, Sanious teaches a Martial Arts school, that he built himself with his bare hands, he teaches many young students who are willing to take up these class'. Many parents lood down upon him because of this, because they think he is teaching nothing but senseless violence, while others just see him as teaching it to these kids to build up their spirts and confidence for themselves.

He, Sanious, knows many arts of fighting styles, where has he learn them from? he doesn't even know, it seems like his past is just lost, and never really has existed.

Now, a day like any other day, Sanious gets done his teaching at the bottom of the eve, where then he resides home to meet his wife and wanderful kids for dinner. He walks through town, staring daggers into the tint orange sky, having a bit of a strange feeling, but shrugs it off as nothing. Well, as he continues down the trail towards his house, he can notice grey smoke erupting in the distance. ' What's that?' he thinks to himself. He begins to make his steady pace go abit quicker, seeing his cabin coming into closer view, he can see that it is being burnt down. Then turning that pace into a sudden dash towards his house, only thinking of his wife, and his two kids. Upon making it to his house, he can see two bodies laying outside on the porch, not burnt from the arson that was caused here, but impaled through their stomachs, and left for dead. He slowly walks over to the corspes as his body begins to fall weak, and he falls to the ground next to the corpses, with tears in his eyes, and fury filling his head. So, then he collects himself, turning around and heading towards town, looking for some one to help him, but every door he reaches, it's like he entered a ghost town, no one answers their doors..

The evening grows later, and the skies turn black, as the moon peaks beyond the mountain top. Struggling through town, not believing what has happened to him, he can hear footsteps trotting really quickly around him, he takes quick glances in all directions to see if he can see anyone, but he can't. It is almost pitch black, and he can hardly see infront of his face. He keeps hearing footsteps surrounding him, so he finally stops and screams out to anyone that is there. " Come out you, whoever you are, I can here your footsteps". Nothing is said, but the next thing he feels his a fist cracking him in the left side of his face. He stumbles back, and falls to the ground. He sits up from the ground, and shakes his head, bringing himself back into focus. He then gets up and raises his fist infront of him, then spreading his feet apart. He waits, he hears more foot steps, then he throws his punch in that direction, he can feel his fist connect to a jaw bone in the pitch darkness, then here a loud " ugh " coming from the being, then a thud onto the ground. Seems like he connected.. but the next thing he knows he is smacked with something heavy in the back of his head, he eyes quickly get blurry and out of focus.. and then all he can see is blackness as he loses conciousness..

He awakens what seems to be several hours later, in a chained chair. His body feeling really stiff, he most of been out a long time. Un-aware where he is, his first thought is to break out, he tries to struggle through the chains, clenching his fists, but to no avail. He can here foot steps make their way down the hallway, toward where he is. Then the door opens. He sees a tall man, his hair a real blood red color. The man speaks to him.. and informs him that he has him he for a reason, what reason that may be, Sanious doesn't care, the man continues to talk to him, informing him that he got rid of his family, this infuriates Sanious more, as he struggles to get through the chair, but still no luck. The man quickly ends his speech, and exits, a gaurd closing, and locking the door behind him. Sanious struggles more and more, he stands to the best of his ability, with his legs also bound to the chair. He runs backwards into the wall, as hard and fast as he can, hearing the chain snap, upon impact to the wall. He then frees his other hand, then un-buckles his legs also. He knocks on the door, in hopes of the guard still being present, then he hears the creek of the door, as soon as the door opens, Sanious welcomes the guard with an uppercut to the jaw, knocking him unconcious to the ground. He then looks down the hallway, but doesn't notice anyway else there.

He makes his way through this oddly small facility, he finds himself walking into other rooms, but only rooms that were similar to the one he was bound in. A few infirmarys here and there, as he makes his way through this place, he also finds it strange that no one else seemed present in this place, he just seems a bit bare. Also odd that the man with the blood red colored hair is gone too. Well, Sanious finally makes his way to a small stair case, that has a door at the top. He pushes it open, upon doing that, he is blinded by the sun light that greets him unexpectedly. As his focus begins to come back into play, he sees the town of Bridom to his left, then there is a set of woods down the right direction of the roads, he kept hearing of a place called Syndar that layed beyond the woods, he grew curious thinking about it. Realizing he really had nothing left at Bridom, or any real reason to go there, he begins down the trail toward the right, to the woods, that will hopefully lead him in this new place called ' Syndar'.

It takes a few hours of traveling by feet to reach the edge of the woods, as he looks into the woods, before entering. He can hear things move, and see shadows shoot across the soil of the woods, but he wasn't going to let something like that scare him away from a new place, and maybe a new life to start over in. He pushes a few branches apart to enter the woods, not really noticing any trails or anything. It starts to get dark because of the trees seems to block the sunlight, so it is like it is midnight is this dense forest. Making his way through, not clear in what direction he is going, he finds himself stepping in a few deep muddy spots, and slipping sometimes. Looking ahead, he can see a clearing, a clearing that seems to be a bit bright, he keeps making his way towards that clearing, seeming like it takes forever, he finally makes it to the clearing. He finds himself infront of a beautiful fountain, the flows with glittering water. He tells himself that he deserves a rest, and scoops his hands into the fountain, and drinking the water. Almost instantly he feels really refreshed, and full rejuvinated. He stares ahead as here hears footsteps approach him, he sees a figure of a tall man enter the clearing...

The Man Introduces himself simply as ' Chris '. This ' Chris ' and Sanious exhange words for quite sometime infront of the fountain, Sanious being told that Chris has known about him for quite awhile, hearing of his martial arts abilities. Also hearing of his story of what happened to him in Bridom. Chris informs him that he had some one spy on him for awhile, letting him know that he couldn't have a warrior such as myself go really unoticed. ' Chris ' then invites Sanious the a Tavern in a nearby town. Sanious kindly accepts the offer, the man seems like he means no harm, so why not? Upon entering the town, Sanious looks around his surroundings, seeing all sorts of races of people, some he never even knew of before, Chris tells him that he is in the town of ' Trollheim ' right before they both enter the Tavern. They exchange more words and fine chatter through the dense air of the tavern, then Chris asks Sanious if he wouldn't mind joining with Chris, to fight, and in return, Chris would help Sanious find out who did this to him. Sanious glady accepts his offer by clasping his hand with a handshake..