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Van Halen

Hey so you want to learn about van halen a? Well this is the place to come. Van Halen made thier debut album in 1979 which featured the songs runin' with the devil and you really got me and they just got back together again this year and realesed a greatest hits album called best of both worlds, Plus they are on tour. Van Halen consists of Edie Van Halen On lead Guitars, Alex Van halen on drums, michael anthony on bass,thier first singer was David lee roth, second was sammy hagar who they just got back to gether with this year and thier third singer was the singer from the band Extreme.Van halen combines the amazing guitar of eddie with the super fast drumming aof alex withe the grond shaking bass of michael with the great rock voice of sammy to make some of the greatest music in the world today. Howes that for a summary of one of the loudest rock bands ever?

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