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Rolling stones

The rolling stones some people may call the best band ever and in my oppinion they are 1 of them. The stones started in the 60's some time i think it was 1964 and they are still touring today despite being in thier 50's and 60's. they can play country like Dead flowers rock like undercover of the night and blues like midnight rambler which features one of the best mxes of vocals, harmonica and guitar. the stones are: Kieth richards on lead guitar, Mich Jaggar on lead vocals, ronnie wood on rythem guitar, charlie watts on drums, and they hire a different bass player all the time The rolling stones have produced many famous albums such as let it bleed, it's only rock and roll and sticky fingers. The stones combine thier bluesy guitar styles with powerful drums and very versatile styles of playing to make one of the best all around bands ever not to menchon they hav lasted about 40 years.

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